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Zhiyitech Nanobots For Arduino Diy Electronic Starter Kit Tank Chassis Circuit Board Nano Smart Car Set For Students

Zhiyitech Nanobots For Arduino Diy Electronic Starter Kit Tank Chassis Circuit Board Nano Smart Car Set For Students

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For Arduino Education creates the next generation of STEM programs that empower students on their learning journey through middle school, high school, and university and help them thrive.


Zhiyitech provide all necessary high-quality made Electronic Components & Supplies with each of our products, so teachers, students and beginners can focus on the learning experiences for Arduino programming.


Bring STEM lessons to the real world with zhiyitech hands-on kits built for blended learning. Take you on a fun and inspiring journey through the world of programming and electronics.


1. This product is an smart robot developed on the basis of NRF2401-ATmega328p board.

2. The interface uses JST XH2.54 terminal, which is very convenient in use.

3. Copper columns and screws are used to fix the structure between components.

4. Each module is connected by DuPont wire, which is simple and convenient.

5. The robot adopts track, which can run smoothly in harsh environment.

6. The motor we use is 12V DC deceleration motor, which has more power.

7. Gyroscope module: uses the ADXL335 accelerometer sensor module with high accuracy (welding needle)

NOTE: Due to the shipping reason, We'll ship the kit in pieces, not an assembled set, and doesn't contain batteries.


Ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function

Infrared obstacle avoidance function

Gesture control direction function

Object following function

Buzzer alarm

The range of control:

Gesture control is 100m-200m

BLE wireless control is 10M

Infrared control is within 5m


Main control board adopts RF control board.

The ultrasonic sensor module uses HC-SR04 module to measure the distance through this module, so as to realize the ultrasonic obstacle avoidance function.

The infrared detection module uses LM393 module, which can realize infrared obstacle avoidance function.

The combination of ultrasonic and two infrared detection modules realizes the car following function.

There are mainly four modules:

RF-board main control module

The expansion board module

Ultrasonic sensor module

LM393 infrared detection module

SG90 steering gear

There are integrated circuits on the expansion board which saves space to a large extent:

The infrared receiving circuit

Buzzer circuit

Motor drive circuit

Wireless module and other circuits


In terms of gesture function, the wireless transmission module will be affected by the light and wireless module, so customers should try to avoid the influence of these factors when using

Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.

Batteries are not included due to shipping restrictions


Power: disassembly type 2 3.7 v 18650 lithium batteries

Input: HC - SR04 ultrasonic module, the LM393 infrared sensor motor,dc gear motor

Microprocessor: RF controller board

Package list:

NRF2401-ATmega328p Development Board *1

Expansion Board *1

NRF2401 module *1

Type-C Development Board *1

HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Module *1

Infrared detection module *2

Gesture transmitter extension board *1

HC-06 Module *1

ADXL335 module* 1

DC motor *2

Ultrasonic bracket *1

The steering gear * 1

Steering gear bracket *1

Infrared remote control *1

XH2.542P single terminal wire *4

M4*50 socket hexagon screw *2

M3*8 inner hexagon screw *2

M4 nut * 4

Bearing wheel *2

9V battery buckle T with DC head *121. Drive wheel *2

Coupling *2

Gasket * 4

Jackscrew * 2

Trolley chassis *1

Caterpillar * 2

XH2.54 4P double terminal wire *1

18650 Battery Box *1

M3*50 double through copper column *5

M3*15 double through copper column *5

M3*12 double through copper column *3

M3 nut* 2

M3*8 flat head screw *32

M2*12 round head screw *5

M2 nut * 5

M1.6*8 round head screw *8

M1.6-m7 nut * 8

M2*8 self tapping screw *3

10 cm M-M wires (Male to Male jumper wires) *8


Zhiyitech Nanobots For Arduino Diy Electronic Starter Kit Tank Chassis Circuit Board Nano Smart Car Set For Students

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