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Zhiyitech Diy Starter Electronics For Arduino Kit Upgrade Sensor Circuit Board Self-Building Project For Kids +Tutorials

Zhiyitech Diy Starter Electronics For Arduino Kit Upgrade Sensor Circuit Board Self-Building Project For Kids +Tutorials

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This introductory starter Kit provides hands-on STEM projects and lets you build up to more projects, one at a time, with radically different behaviors.

Use the materials inside this educational starter kit to make some projects:

  • Project 1: HC595 running a light experiment

  • Project 2: Four-digit display experiment

  • Project 3: DC fan motor experiment

  • Project 4: Photoresistor control LED experiment

  • Project 5: SG90 Servo operation experiment

  • Project 6: Ultrasonic distance detection

More projects are waiting for your expansion.

No previous experience with electronics is needed to dive into this starter Kit! Step-by-step instructions guide you through the building of the project as well as the designing of the circuit that controls the sensor. This starter kit makes a great gift and is ideally suited for 11-year-olds and up (grades 6+).

Curious learners will have a lot of fun as they engage with each project or STEM activity inside this kit; they will explore the fundamentals of electronics engineering: building circuits, powering motors, and learning how to respond to information about their surroundings.

This kit is perfect for a budding electronics enthusiast and can grow as your knowledge builds. Add it to your electronics collectibles! If you want to build more advanced projects, you can always add a microcontroller, like an Arduino, to the basic robot and begin programming more complex behaviors.


We used the new control board with ATMEGA328P Chip instead of the official Arduino Uno board.

Packing List:

  • TYPE-C development Board *1

  • ProtoShield Shield With Mini BreadBoard *1

  • RGB LED(common cathode)*1

  • LDR 5516 Photoresistor *2

  • Capacitor 10UF 50V/100UF 50V *2

  • Thermistor 10k *1

  • 1N4007 Rectifier Diode *5

  • Button Switch 6*6*5mm *5

  • Passive Buzzer *1

  • Active Buzzer *1

  • SW520D Vibration Sensor *1

  • 180 Degree 9G Servo *1

  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor *1

  • 4* 4 matrix keyboard *1

  • DHT11 Sensor Module *1

  • PS2 Joystick Axis Sensor *1

  • IR receiver *1

  • Infrared Remote Control Module *1

  • MAX7219 8*8 Matrix LED Module *1

  • MPU6050 Gyroscope Acceleration Module *1

  • HC-SR501 PIR Sensor Module *1

  • Water Level Sensor *1

  • DS3231 AT24C32 RTC Clock Module *1

  • Sound Sensor Module *1

  • RC522 RFID Module *1

  • LCD1602 Module(with solder pins) *1

  • IC 74HC595N *1

  • IC L293D *1

  • LED green *1

  • LED Blue *1

  • LED Red *1

  • LED Yellow *1

  • 830 Breadboard *1

  • MB102 Power Supply Module *1

  • 65Pcs Jumper Wire *1

  • Stepper Motor with UNL2003 Driver *1

  • 0.56inch 4 Digital LED Display *1

  • 0.56inch 1 Digital LED Display *1

  • 40Pin 20cm FF\MM \MFJumper Wire *1

  • 9V Battery Snap *1

  • Rotary Encoder Sensor Module *1

  • 5V DC Motor *1

  • 70MM Soft Leaf Fan *1

  • PT10-2-M Potentiometer 10K *1

  • 5V Relay *1

  • Type-C USB cable *1

  • 10R ~1M Metal Film Resistor *10


For Arduino Education creates the next generation of STEM programs that empower students on their learning journey through middle school, high school, and university and help them thrive.


Zhiyitech provides all necessary high-quality made hardware with each of our products, so teachers, students, and beginners can focus on the learning experiences.


Bring STEM lessons to the real world with Zhiyitech hands-on kits built for blended learning. Take you on a fun and inspiring journey through the world of programming and electronics.


Zhiyitech Diy Starter Electronics For Arduino Kit Upgrade Sensor Circuit Board Self-Building Project For Kids +Tutorials

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