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Xiaoda Ozone Sterilizer Generator Car Air Purifier Disinfect O3 Deaerator Sterilization Deodorizer For Fridge Pe

Xiaoda Ozone Sterilizer Generator Car Air Purifier Disinfect O3 Deaerator Sterilization Deodorizer For Fridge Pe

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Portable fruit and vegetable washing machine

Remove pesticide residues and bacteria, cleaning fruits and vegetables
Remove residues|Long battery life|IPX7 waterproof|Small and portable

Illness comes from the foods Food safety issues need to be vigilant

Fruits and vegetables are planted with chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and they have been touched by countless hands during picking and sales. If it is not thoroughly cleaned, it is easy to eat E. coli, Shigella, parasite eggs, and pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables into the stomach, causing gastrointestinal diseases.

Poor immunity
Easy to get sick from bacteria
2.Pregnant women
Decline in physical fitness
Affect fetal growing
3.The aged
Gastrointestinal sensitivity
Bellyache and diarrhea

Purify foods Protect healthy life with technology

Are you still worried about pesticides and bacteria in fruits and vegetables? The stomach is getting worse? Xiaoda's portable fruit and vegetable washing machine uses technology to protect the health of the whole family and no longer have to worry about food safety issues.

Electrolytic ion purification Effectively degrade harmful substances in food

The water ions produced by the hydroxyl water ion generator rely on microbubbles in the water to surround harmful substances on the food surface, and effectively degrade bacteria, pesticide residues, hormones and other harmful substances.

working principle:
1. Water is decomposed into OH- and H+ under the action of ion generator;
2. Part of the OH recombines with the H+ on the pesticide cell wall, destroying the pesticide molecular structure and degrading it into harmless substances; the other part of OH- combines with chlorine in the water to generate hypochlorous acid;
3. Hypochlorous acid releases new ecological oxygen and uses its oxidizing properties to kill bacteria.

Removable electrode 360° cleaning

The integrated electrolytic plate module design can effectively prevent damage and deformation and delay the service life. The electrode can be detached and installed, which is convenient for cleaning. There is no need to worry about hiding dirt, so you can use it with confidence.
Electrolyte protection net
No area that cannot be cleaned

Pesticide residue removal rate 94.8% Sterilization rate 99.99% to ensure the safety of the whole family

Long-term consumption of agricultural products with excessive pesticide residues will cause chronic poisoning and even affect the next generation. Xiaoda's fruit and vegetable washing machine does not add any chemical substances, and the electrolytic ion purification is safe, so that the family can eat at ease.

94.8%Cypermethrin removal rate

No capacity limit Unlimited usage scenarios

Adapt to various environmental scenarios to meet daily needs.



Magnetic charging Long battery life, worry-less use

The portable power bank can also be recharged, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. It takes about 5 hours to charge it once and it can be used about 35 times.

*The above test data comes from Xiaoda laboratory.

IPX7 waterproof Safe and durable

IPX7 waterproof, waterproof switch, excellent waterproof effect.

*Report number: LCS200910010BS.

Lightweight easy to carry

The small and light volume can be easily held in the palm of your hand, and you can carry it with you when you are traveling, allowing food safety to accompany you.

Simple operation One key to start

Pour tap water into the cleaning container, place the fruit and vegetable cleaning machine horizontally in the cleaning container, and press the power button to start the working mode.

Purify the foods and make them fresh

There are pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables, and meat contains clenbuterol/antibiotics. Deep purification, degradation of hormones, sterilization and disinfection.
1.Times of disinfection of fruits and vegetables
2.Sterilization times of whole grains
3.Meat and seafood disinfection times

①Meat tastes more tender
②Vegetables taste more fresh
③The fruit tastes more delicious

Low voltage, safe and reliable safe to use

No direct contact with strong electricity, safe and stable, and durable.
①The details are more humane
②Magnetic charging
③No need to plug Durable to use
④Compact design
⑤Portable Use anytime
⑥One key to start
⑦Easy to use

Product parameter

product name:Xiaoda portable fruit and vegetable washing machine
Product model:HD-ZNGSQXJ01
Applicable water temperature:5-35℃
Charging voltage:5V
battery capacity:4400mAh
waterproof level:IPX7
Product Size:Φ100 x 50mm
Executive standard:GB4706.1-2005


Xiaoda Ozone Sterilizer Generator Car Air Purifier Disinfect O3 Deaerator Sterilization Deodorizer For Fridge Pe

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