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Wireless Bluetooth 5.1/ 5.0 Audio Transmitter And Receiver Board Audio Lossless Decoder Transceiver Diy Speaker Headpho

Wireless Bluetooth 5.1/ 5.0 Audio Transmitter And Receiver Board Audio Lossless Decoder Transceiver Diy Speaker Headpho

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Wireless Bluetooth 5.1/ 5.0 Audio Transmitter and Receiver Board Audio Lossless Decoder Transceiver DIY Speaker Headphones

BLE 5.0 Audio Receiver

BLE 5.1 Audio Transmitter

KCX_BT_EMITTER module is a Bluetooth audio transmitter module that integrates computer USB sound card to Bluetooth transmission and line audio input and launch. It adopts Bluetooth 4.1 technology to greatly ensure the quality and stability of audio transmission. This product can be used for most of the products. Bluetooth transmitter function for desktop computers, notebook computers, TVs, projectors, game consoles, IPOD, CD players, MP3s, etc., to transmit audio signals to Bluetooth audio receivers such as Bluetooth headsets or Bluetooth speakers to form a wireless audio transmission system. Let your life truly enter the wireless era!

2.1>.Wireless speaker
2.2>.Wireless audio
2.3>.Wireless headphones

3.1>.Easy to use
3.2>.Bluetooth 4.1 technology, strong versatility
3.3>.Intuitive LED indication
3.4>.Line input stereo
3.5>.A USB data cable is connected to the computer and enumerated into a USB sound card to launch
3.6>.Wireless transmission distance >= 10 meters
3.7>.Perfectly compatible with all Bluetooth audio receiver boards in this store
3.8>.The reserved serial communication port can be customized to realize the connection of the specified device name, specify the MAC address connection, search for the Bluetooth device name, MAC address, get the connection status, disconnect, etc., and configure the information to be powered off.
3.9>.Work voltage:5V

4.Functional description
Note: This module is a Bluetooth host device (equivalent to mobile phone Bluetooth), which can be connected to a Bluetooth audio receiver (such as Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset, or any Bluetooth audio receiver module board in the store) to form a wireless audio transmission system. . The audio signal is input from the module, and the audio signal transmitted by the module can be received on the Bluetooth audio receiving device that establishes a connection with the module.
4.1>.Line audio input function.This module has line audio input function. Audio signals from mobile phones, MP3, VCD, TV, etc. can be transmitted to the Bluetooth receiving device through the IN_L (left channel) and IN_R (right channel) port inputs.
4.2>.This module has a USB sound card function. The USB cable is connected to the USB data port of the module through the USB cable. The system generates a USB Audio sound card device. When set to the playback device, the system audio from the computer can be transmitted to the Bluetooth receiving device.
4.3>.This module supports two connection modes: easy connection mode and custom connection mode. Easy connection mode controls the pairing of Bluetooth via a button (CON). This mode is easy to use and suitable for ordinary audio transmission applications. The custom connection mode sends an AT command through the serial port to control the module to selectively connect to the Bluetooth receiver of the specified MAC address or device name, and supports functions such as searching for the device name.

5.Easy connection instructions
1>.When you use this module for the first time, just turn on the power of the Bluetooth receiver and then turn on the power of this module. This module will automatically search for and connect your Bluetooth receiver. As long as the module has successfully connected your Bluetooth receiver once, it will remember your Bluetooth receiver's MAC address, and the next time you power up, it will automatically search for and connect to the last connected Bluetooth receiver.
2>.If you no longer want to connect to a previously connected Bluetooth receiving device, you need to connect to another Bluetooth receiver. You need to turn off your previous Bluetooth receiver, turn on the Bluetooth receiver that needs to be connected and press the CON button of this module to clear the previously stored Bluetooth receiver connection information, search for nearby Bluetooth audio receivers, and search for Bluetooth. After the receiver, the module will automatically connect and memorize the connection information of the device, and will automatically reconnect next time.
3>.Note: The Bluetooth search connection process will have a search time ranging from 10 to 50 seconds, so sometimes you need to wait a little while pressing the CON button to connect.

6.USB sound card transmission function first use operation instructions
Step 1: Connect the USB port of the computer to the USB port of this module through the USB cable, and turn on the power of your Bluetooth audio receiver at the same time, pair this module with your Bluetooth receiver.
Step 2: After the pairing is successful, the computer will automatically recognize and install the USB sound card driver. After the driver is installed, a USB Audio audio device will be generated.
Step 3: Open the Audio Manager (that is, the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen), select USB Audio and set it as the default player. Once these settings are set, the sounds played by your computer will be wirelessly transmitted to your Bluetooth audio receiver via this Bluetooth transmitter.

7.AT command custom connection operation description (this part is an extended function, users who do not need to mine more functions of the module do not need this part of the function, can use simple connection method)
This module supports the custom connection function. It can send the following AT commands through the computer TTL serial port or MCU programming. It can customize the module's automatic connection device name, MAC address, get the connection status, specify the device connection, disconnect, etc.


Wireless Bluetooth 5.1/ 5.0 Audio Transmitter And Receiver Board Audio Lossless Decoder Transceiver Diy Speaker Headpho

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