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Winter Warm Heated Gloves Touch Screen Motorcycle Skiing Gloves Waterproof Rechargeable Heating Tal Gloves For Se

Winter Warm Heated Gloves Touch Screen Motorcycle Skiing Gloves Waterproof Rechargeable Heating Tal Gloves For Se

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Batteries Voltage : 7.4V
Battery Capacity:2500 Mah
Heating Temperature : 45℃-60℃
Heating Time : 3.5- 6 hours
Gloves Material : Cotton + Nylon + PVC Rubber + Sythetic Leather + Polyester + TPU
Color : Black&Gray / Black&Red
Size Chart : ( Palm CRCF , Palm Width )
M: 20-21 cm, 8.2-8.5 cm,
L: 21.5-22.5 cm, 8.5-8.8 cm
XL: 22.5-23 cm, 8.7-9.0 cm
2XL: 23.5-24 cm, 9.0-9.5 cm


1.【Screen Touch Electric Heated Gloves】Contains conductive metal fibers on Index finger and thumb on both gloves, works with all touch screen devices.It makes you easy use of your cell phone in the cold air.
2.【Fast and Long Time】 Three Heating levels, heat up quickly and you can feel the temperature in 30 seconds. Includes 2 high quality lithium batteries of 7.4V / 2500Mah. The battery lasts 4.5-6 hours.
3.【100% full protection】:
Hard plastic knuckle guard, silicone finger protector and multi-layer palm material to protect your hands from impact and abrasion
4. 【Anti-slip 】:
The Anti-skid rubber in the palms are made for strenthen the friction.Helpful for griping stablely.Adjust the tightness according to individual wrist size.High performance impact gloves for the anti-vibrasion.
5.【Comfortable and Warm】: faux leather and cotton blended, waterproof and breathable, Adjustable wrist belt design suitable for men and women, keep wind away.
6.【 Healthy and safe】: Winter warm electric gloves promote blood circulation, relieve fingers caused by cold of stiffness, keep hands warm and cozy!
7.【Helmet wiper】:
Easily wipe off the rain, water, and snow on the helmet.Increase the safety of continuous riding
8.【Great For Indoor or Outdoor Activities】Perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities like Riding, racing, fishing, hiking, skiing, motorcycling, hunting, climbing, running, sledding, mountaineering, cycling etc. Enjoy outdoor sports even in a cold winter! You can wash your gloves by hand. (In general, you only need to put in a well-ventilated place, not need to wash it)


1 x Pair gloves
2 x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
1 x Charger

GLOVE B Heated gloves


1. Wide range of usage scenarios: not only limited to cycling, it can be used for fishing, skiing, on duty, and outdoor sports in winter.
2. Keep warm to the fingertips: The warm gloves have built-in heating wires and are powered by a power bank, which can make the temperature reach the fingertips
3. Features: waterproof and breathable


1. Composite fiber heating plate, three-speed electric heating, keep warm with five fingers on the back of the hand, and reach the fingertips
2. The back of the hand joints and each joint part are thickened for protection
3. Conductive PU touch screen at index fingertip
4. Contains waterproof case, fully waterproof, using Limdry waterproof technology, no water will enter the glove
5. Battery bag waterproof zipper, good waterproof effect, no tearing, good smoothness, smooth and delicate surface, with a smooth feel similar to leather
6. Good warmth retention, windproof and cold, breathable and perspiration
7. The palm part is thickened, non-slip and wear-resistant
8. The two batteries are lithium batteries with a capacity of 2600mAh and a power of 7.4V; DC waterproof connector
9. With charging cable, a storage bag and two batteries,(buyer choose)
10.Life time: high-end: 3-5 hours, temperature 55-60 degrees, mid-range 5-6 hours, temperature 50-55 degrees, resistance 6-7 hours, temperature 45-50 degrees

Package included

1 Pair of heated gloves
2 Batteries
1 Batteries charger
1 Storage bag


Winter Warm Heated Gloves Touch Screen Motorcycle Skiing Gloves Waterproof Rechargeable Heating Tal Gloves For Se

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