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Thinkcar 2 Full System Thinkdriver Bluetooth-Compatible Obd2 Scanner For Ios Android Auto Scanner Car Diagnostic Code R

Thinkcar 2 Full System Thinkdriver Bluetooth-Compatible Obd2 Scanner For Ios Android Auto Scanner Car Diagnostic Code R

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NOTE: THINKCAR 2 Free 3 Car's VIN ONE Year.
Free One Year for diagnostic 3 car's all systems And 2 reset functions(ABS SAS)
Why You Need THINKCAR 2?

THINKCAR 2,a professional OBD II automotive diagnostic scanning tool,is designed for ordinary car owners and DIY users.

Through the connection between APP and dongle via Bluetooth,ordinary car owners are able to perform vehicle health scanning,smoke detection,analysis of vehicle DTC,data stream and other information in the simplest and most effective way.

In addition,it also features many practical functions,such as acceleration timer from 0-100 km/h.In a word,ThinkDriver is a comprehensive practical tool,suitable for personal users.

Cost-effective Car Scanner

1.For New customer Free Full System Diagnose for 3 Car’s VIN now !!
2.More Car Brands were Contained .(Indian,Malaysia Cars)
3.If you already subscribe the paid full system diagnose function for other car, these car's vin will enjoy one more year free update.
4.Newest version for ISO and Android already published,fixed all the bug and add new car brands.

2 RESET Functions

This OBD2 scanner is specially designed to provide you with quick access to the vehicle systems for various scheduled service and maintenance performances. There is some commonly-used special reset services are listed for your reference:

2 RESET Functions

1.SAS service: helps clear the fault steering angle sensor memories and plays an important role in the steering angle sensor calibration.

2.ABS Bleeding : ABS brake bleeding to get a firm brake pad after air exhaustion after repair ABS pump system

Full System Diagnoses:

only free for 3 cars

With superior all systems diagnoses, this multipurpose obd2 scanner can be used to read all available systems’ ECU information to facilitate the vehicle diagnosis. The complete systems vary from different cars and they usually include engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, SAS, TPMS, EPB and chassis / body / electrical equipment system etc.
* Examinate your car like a professional mechanical technician
*Read DTCs from the vehicle’s all electronic control systems to locate problem areas, and offer solutions;
*Erase the codes easily after DTCs retrieving and certain repairs have been carried out and turn off fault Indicator lamp;
*Live data shows each sendor parameter item displayed in analog, text, waveform graph modes etc.;
*The active test used to access vehicle-specific subsystem and component tests.

ALL 10 Mode OBDII/EOBD Functions:

"Mode 1:Read live data stream
Mode 2:Read freeze frame data
Mode 3:Read DTCs(diagnostic trouble codes)
Mode 4:Clear dtcs
Mode 5:Oxygen sensor monitoring
Mode 6:System monitoring
Mode 7:Read pending DTCs
Mode 8:Control operation of on-board system
Mode 9:Read vehicle information
Mode 10:Request emissions-related diagnostic trouble codes with permanent status after a clear/reset emission-related diagnostic information."

Easy To Use

"1. Download ""Thinkdiag+"" software from Google Mall or Apple App Store to install
2. Insert the connector into the vehicle obd interface
3. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone and connect the connector in the app
4. In the mall, select the software you need, choose to add a shopping cart or buy
5. Choose the payment method. Currently, bank card and Tcde payment methods are supported (Tcade payment is the official payment code of
6. Star Card. You need to go to the official website to purchase. After purchase, you will get a 12-digit number, and then enter it when you pay. Deductible cash)
7. All users can participate in official activities, or earn points through sharing, etc., points can be used to deduct the purchase of diagnostic software, 1 point = 1 USD"

Buyer Questions & Answers

"1.Does thinkdriver work on all vehicles ?
It support more than 105 car brands.But not all car brand are free.

If you buy one THINKDRIVER , you will get:

1.Free Car all system diagnose for three cars.
2.Free ABS Bleeding service function for one car
3.Free SAS Steering Angel Sensor Reset Function for one car
4.Free OBD2 Engine Diagnose for ALL cars
5.Free Acceleration Tester for for ALL cars

If you want diagnose other car.
Price for Each VIN Manufacturer Software : $14.95/year
Reset Software Price for Each : $9.95/year

2.How to change language?
It don’t support change language, the APP language will follow the system language of your phone.

3.Can it support truck ?
No, it don’t support 24V car.

4.What’s the series number

5.Does it work with X431 ?
It don’t work with other APP or scanner, please make sure use it on ThinkDriver APP.

6.What’s the difference between Thinkdiag and THINKCAR 2 ?
They both belong to THINKCAR brand.Thinkdiag free for car brand,THINKCAR 2 free for car VIN."

Cover Up to 110 Major Vehicle Manufacturers, more models are updating:

For OBDII diagnostics, the obd2 code reader works great for most cars built in 1996 or later, being compatible with following protocols:
-ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000)
-ISO 15765-4 (CAN)
-ISO 9141-2 (iso)
-ISO 14229 (uds)
-SAE J1850 (VPW & PWM)
-Original protocols of makers
For advanced functions as active test, all system diagnostics, and maintenance service, it covers 95% of car models available in the market including:
for Daewoo, for Honda, for JP Isuzu, for Kia, for Mazda, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for SGM, for Subaru, for Suzuki, for Toyota,for Hyundai, for Ssangyong
for Aston Martin, for Audi, for Benz, for BMW, for Citroen, for Ferrari, for Fiat, for Land Rover, for Maserati, for Opel, for Porsche, for Renault, for Rover, for Saab, for Seat, for Skoda, for Smart, for Sprinter, for Volvo, for VW, for Peugeot
for Chrysler, for USA-Ford, for GM
And keep updating.

Thinkdriver APP menu supports languages:

Chinese, English, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese

What's More

1.Auto Detect car's vin in 10 seconds,
2.Support printed car health report,
3.Acceleration test: test the 100 meter acceleration time
4.Community support

Package Contents:

• THINKCAR 2 Main Unit
• Hard copy User’s Manual


Thinkcar 2 Full System Thinkdriver Bluetooth-Compatible Obd2 Scanner For Ios Android Auto Scanner Car Diagnostic Code R

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