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Stm32f103c6t6 Stm32f103c8t6 Arm Stm32 Minimum System Development Board Module For Arduino

Stm32f103c6t6 Stm32f103c8t6 Arm Stm32 Minimum System Development Board Module For Arduino

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        Product Introduction

This is an ARM core board based on STM32F103C8T6 as the main chip. It has the following features:

1. The most basic circuits based on MCU are onboard, such as crystal oscillator circuit, USB power management circuit and USB interface.

2. The core board leads out all I/O port resources.

3. With SWD simulation debugging download interface, this interface requires at least 3 wires to complete the debugging download task. Compared with the traditional JTAG debugging, there are many advantages. Here is a sentence that JTAG is now going to be eliminated. For example, ST's new M0 series MCU only retains the SWD debug interface, and JTAG is directly cancelled.

4. The outline size is only the size of the traditional DIP40 package (such as AT89S52). Currently, there is no core board with the same specification smaller than ours found on Taobao.

5. It uses the Mirco USB interface currently used in smart phones, which is easy to use and can be used for USB communication and power supply.

6. In view of the problem that the STM32 RTC cannot oscillate, we adopted the official recommended low-load RTC crystal oscillator solution, and used the Epson brand crystal oscillator instead of the cheap cylindrical crystal oscillator.

7. Equipped with high-quality single-row pin headers with 1*40/2.54mm pitch to ensure excellent conductive contact and convenient for users to place the core board on a standard universal board or breadboard. The pin headers are not welded by default, and users can choose the welding direction according to their needs.

Chip Description:
1, 32F103C8T6
Package Type: LQFP;
Number of pins: 48;
Kernel: Cortex-M3;
Operating frequency: 72MHz;
Storage resources: 64K Byte Flash, 20KByte SRAM;
Interface Resources: 2x SPI, 3x USART, 2x I2C, 1x CAN, 37x I / O ports,
Analog-to-digital conversion: 2x ADC (12-bit / 16-channel)
Timers: 3 general timers and 1 advanced timer
Debug Download: Support JTAG / SWD debug interface to download, support for IAP.
2, RT9193: 3.3V regulator chip, the maximum output of 300mA.
 Interface description:
1, SWD interface: support for simulation, download and debug.
2, Mirco USB interface: power supply and USB communication, does not support the download.
3, USART1 interface: USART1 can be used to download the program, or use the USART1 for communication.
4, MCU pin interface: leads all I / O port pins, easy to connect with peripherals.
5, 5V and 3.3V power input and output interface: commonly used in external power supply, or with other modules for common ground treatment
 Other Device Description:
1, Power LED (PWR): Power indicator status, can determine whether the power supply is stable.
2, the user LED (PC13): to facilitate the I / O output test or indicate the program running.
3, start jumping choose programming mode: (1, the user flash memory 2, SRAM 3, system memory).
4, reset button: reset chip for the user program.
5, 8M Crystal: The frequency can be set to make the system clocked at 72MHz.
6,32.768KHz Crystal: Available for built-in RTC, or for calibration.


Stm32f103c6t6 Stm32f103c8t6 Arm Stm32 Minimum System Development Board Module For Arduino

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