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Qpkung X208 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool+ For(Suzuki-Iii-6P Line+Suzuki-Ii-4P+Suzuki-I-4P)Scanning Encoding Motorcycle Ac

Qpkung X208 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool+ For(Suzuki-Iii-6P Line+Suzuki-Ii-4P+Suzuki-I-4P)Scanning Encoding Motorcycle Ac

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qpKung X208 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool+ For(SUZUKI-III-6P line+SUZUKI-II-4P+SUZUKI-I-4P)Scanning Encoding Motorcycle Accessories


1. X208 Moto Scanner is a new generation of handheld motorcycle diagnostic tools that almost covers the diagnostic functions of major manufacturers. It can help technicians diagnose problems and perform repairs faster; many common steps are written in the tool so that technicians can track them (injectors, igniters, coils, fuel pumps, etc.).
2. It allows technicians to perform factory maintenance procedures, such as resetting maintenance lights, coding keys, unlocking anti-theft locks and configuring anti-theft locks/alarms, performing injection adjustment (COTrimmer), adjusting throttle position sensor (TPS), resetting adaptive Parameters and adjust idling.
3. The tool displays real-time data, displays ECU data, and reads stored faults (historical records) or real-time data (RPM, battery voltage, throttle angle).

2.Product specification:

1.The operating current is 2.5 mA, which is safe to use.
2.The working temperature can reach -20 degrees to 60 degrees. Storage temperature -20 degrees to 70 degrees. Within a safe range.

size:16.5 x 10 x 3cm
( as shown below)

3.Product function

① Read data stream
② Read system information
③ Clear fault code
④ Read fault code
⑤ Carbon monoxide idle speed adjustment
⑥ Freeze data
⑦ ABS system testActuator test
⑧ Troubleshooting guide
⑨ Tire pressure system test
⑩ Anti-theft system test

1. Hand-held operation, convenient and flexible to use.
2. Support SD card to store data and upgrade.
3. Reserved CAN bus interface. The 3.2-inch color screen provides clear display.
4. Dynamic data with numbers and waveforms.

Support models:

Support multiple motorcycle models: AEON, APRILIA, BENELLI, Hartford, HONDA, KAWASAKI, KTM, KYMCo, PIAGGIO, PGO, Suzuki, SYM, VESPA, YAMAHA, OBDIi. Specific as shown below

Support Multi Languages:

Support six languages, English,Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese,Spanish
switch at any time according to your needs.

4.Product operation steps:

1). OBDIl Connector-Connects the scan tool to the vehicle's
data link connector- DLC

2). LCD Display- Displays menus and test results.

3). Green LED-indicates that engine System are running
normally,The number of monitors on the vehicle which are active and performing their diagnostic testing is in the allowed limit, and no DTCs are present.

4). Yellow LED-indicates there is a possible problem, A Pending DTC is present or some of the vehicle's emission monitors have not run their diagnostic testing.

5). Red LED-indicates there is a problem in one or more
of the vehice's system,The Red LED is also used to show that DTCs are present,DTCs are shown on the scan tools emission monitors have not run their diagnos tic testing.

EXIT BUTTON- Return to previous menu.

7). F1 BUTTON-Provides help information and Code Breaker function.

. F2 BUTTON -Backspace function .

 LEFT SCROLL BUTTON-Move cursor left for selection or turn page up when more that one page is displayed.

10). UP SCROLL BUTTON-Move cursor up for

11). OK BUTTON-Confrms a selection or action from a menu list.

12). RIGHT SCROLL BUTTON- Move cursor right for 
selection, or turn page down when more than one page is displayed.

13). DOWN SCROLL BUTTON-Move cursor down 
for selection.

14). F1+F2
 BUTTON- Press both buttons together to
perform screen capture

15). USB CNNECTOR-Connects the scan tool to the PC for
printing and upgrading.

5.Product include

1 x X208Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool


Qpkung X208 Motorcycle Diagnostic Tool+ For(Suzuki-Iii-6P Line+Suzuki-Ii-4P+Suzuki-I-4P)Scanning Encoding Motorcycle Ac

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