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P5 Led Display Sign 34/50Cm Rgb Full Color Wifi Indoor Programmable Scrolling Message Led Advertising Screen Board Pane

P5 Led Display Sign 34/50Cm Rgb Full Color Wifi Indoor Programmable Scrolling Message Led Advertising Screen Board Pane

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Exquisite Led Sign Vivid Display Aluminum Frame Wireless Control Compatible Android & IOS & Laptop (Multiple size options )

Easy and fuss-free operation, plug-n-play design with hanging chain included, ready for use the minute you unwrap the package. Lower heat generation than traditional light signboard, safe for long operation period.

Very bright, clear, easy to use. It most effective to use a smartphone, once I got the hang of it, adding and sending messages was a breeze.

1. Download the App (I use an iPhone)
2. Turn on the sign
3. Open your WiFi settings on your phone.
4. Connect to the sign’s WiFi (TF-WiFi ####....)
5. Open the PowerLed App
6. Tap “toolbox”
7. Tap “search panel” - you may have to do this a few times.
8. Once you’re connected, tap “program list” then “add program” and then “add text.” I used the Consolas font and changed the size to 16.
10. Add your text at the bottom then tap “ok”
11. Then tap “send program”

Product Specification:

Frame Size:
➽ P5-1664RGB: 34*9.6cm (13.4*3.7*0.5inches)
➽ P5-1696RGB: 50*9.6cm (19.6*3.7*0.5inches)
Usage: Indoor, semi-outdoor
Pitch: 5mm
Display color: RGB (Full Color / 7Colors)
Thickness: Just only 1.5cm (Ultra-thin Design)
Signal input: The Android and iOS iPhone mobile phone remote input message
Waterproof IP level: IP54 (life level waterproof)

Product Features:

➤ Bright LED in the screen, display clearly. Customize your message what you want, highlight your personality, a powerful way to engrain your brand in your customers' mind
➤ Display ability: Multi Languages,text, number, symbol. Font size of text message is adjustable, scrolling speed is adjustable, display brightness is adjustable
➤ Support Language: English / Chinese (Simple & Traditional) Arabic / Hebrew / Russian / Spanish / German / French / Japanese / Portuguese / Thailand / etc world language

Product Effects:

✬ 49 kinds of display effect

✬ Multi-action for displaying, including snow, spray, rotate, scroll, and etc

✬ Different scrolling actions for your choice, like flashing, static, moving to left, moving to the right, and so on.

✬ Instructions: The messages are programmable. Messages can be fixed and moving. The message is bright and attractive for advertising

✬ User-friendly programming software and manual included, support the software upgrade for whole using life
✬ Store messages: Support many text display up to 2MB

✬ Support week, time display HH:MM:SS and countdown display: DDD:HH:MM:SS. it has a time memory function.

✬ Energy-saving: Energy efficient, Adjustable 4 Level Brightness

✬ Operating Power: DC 5v +10%

✬ Compatibility using for car DC12V,If the vehicle is in use, please connect a 3A car cigarette lighter.

✬ Works great on computer, laptop, power bank, socket. USB cable and AC adapter included.

✬ Best viewing distance: 1-10meters

✬ Life Span: 100,000 Hours

✬ Warranty: 1 Year

Package includes:

  1x Led Sign
1x USB Cable
1x Metal Chain
1x AC Adapter with Free Voltage
1X CD-ROM with Software and Manual

Note: We will match different accessories according to your order.

In LEADLEDS, our goal is to provide quality energy-saving led sign products for our customers with affordable price. With the expertise in the LED technology, our product not only superior in performance but also make your display experience more enjoyable and comfortable anytime, anywhere.

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P5 Led Display Sign 34/50Cm Rgb Full Color Wifi Indoor Programmable Scrolling Message Led Advertising Screen Board Pane

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