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Obdii Diagnostic Tool Ya201 Car Code Reader Update Lifetime For Obd 2 Engine Test Pk Cr3001 Kw590 Obdii Car Code Scann

Obdii Diagnostic Tool Ya201 Car Code Reader Update Lifetime For Obd 2 Engine Test Pk Cr3001 Kw590 Obdii Car Code Scann

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EDIAG YA201 Code Reader Auto OBDII Engine Fault  Scan Tools PK KW680 OM123


Top 5 Reason to Choose :

1:Free  Upgrade Life Time :Just Put in the USB and Paste the files into Flash disk 

2:Data stream sorting

3:Find The Cause Of The Fault Code

4:Support vehicles 1998 &newer (OBDII &CAN)

5:YA201 provides full OBDII/EOBD diagnostic functions and meets protocols such as ISO9141-2, ISO14230-4, SAEJ1850, and ISO15765-4.

6:Multi-Language:  English , French , Russian , Spanish ,German, Italian ,Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese


Support Car Models for OBDII diagnostic function:

(Note: YA201 only Support 12V cars, Does not support 24V Truck )

1.USA cars after 2000 r, such as  for Chrysler ,Fit for Ford ,Fit for GM ,Fit for Jeep........

2.EU cars after  2003 r,   such as   for Alfa Romeo ,Fit for SAAB  ,Fit for Acura ...........

3.Japan & Korea cars after 2006 r. such as for KIA ,Fit for Isuzu ,Fit for Honda ,Fit for Mitsubishi,..........

4. cars after 2009 r.

5. RUSSIAN CAR after 2015 year.


4 Keys:

"OK Key":ENTER key selects iter

"Back Key":BACK key returns to previous screen


"Down Key": Down SCROLL Key


How to use ?

Locating Data Link Connector

1.Choose a location under driver side dash under steering wheel) and use that

description in both places.

2.If unsure about location of dlc, check vehicl manual or reputable service center about location


Connect the tool

1.If the connector is not there a label should be there indicating the

whereabouts of the connector.

2:If necessary, remove the cover from the DLC

3.Turn the ignition switch to the on position. Do not start the engine

4.Plug the OBD connector into the Data Link Connector.

5.The tool will attempt to identify the vehicle. If successful, the 

vehicle identifie

lisplayed. if the vehicle cannot be identified, menus will be shown 

for you to select the vehicle manually



1.Diagnostic Functions

Use this function to select a vehicle and then proceed to the 

diagnostic Menu.


2:Read codes

Reads DTCs from vehicles computer with Koeo or KOE


3.Erase Codes

Deletes dtcs from vehicle s memory


4.Live Data

Live Data menu lets you view, record and playback real time PIDs data 

from the electronic control mod


In live data menu, you can insert the selected item to front by 

holding pressing the "ok" key for 3 seconds


1)All Datastream:

Views vehicle Parameter Identification Data(PIDs)in real time

PIDs are displayed in either a text format or graph format when 



2)Graph Display

Show the live data via graph mode, selecte PIDs by "OK" key, enter the

graph by "Return"key switch the PIDs by "UP"and "Down"key



Record the PIDs frame, selecte PIDs by "OK" key,enter the record

page by "Return" key. Select the storage slot location to start record



Choose the record slot to playback the live data, switch frame by"UP"

and "Down"key


5.Freeze Frame

Displays a snapshot of operating conditions at the time of a fault.


6.Vehicle Info

Scan tool displays the vehicle's VIN number, Calibration ID (s) and CVNthat identify the software version in the vehicles control module (s.)The tool also displays In-Use Performance Tracking of importantreadiness monitors.


7.Component Test

Tool will display a list of components and their locations on the vehicle.This function will always appear on the Main Menu.


This selection will appear on the Diagnostic Menu only when the toollhas a list of component locations for the currently selected vehicle.


8.On-Board Monitoring

Scan tool controls the operation of vehicle components, tests or systems.


9.On Sensor Test

Displays oxygen sensor monitoring test results from the vehicle's memory,the O2 Monitor Test is NOT an ON-DEMAND TEST.


10.I/M Readiness

Displays a snapshot of the state of the vehicle's OBDII Monitors.


* To review I/M Readiness status,make sure that the ignition key is switched

to ON with the engine off.

* Not all monitors are supported by all vehicles.There are two types of l/M Readiness tests:

* since DTCs Cleared -shows status of the monitors since the DTCs werelast cleared.

* This Drive Cycle-shows status of monitors since the start of the currentdrive cycle.


Abbreviations Explanation of IM Readiness


When the monitor s status is:




DTC Look Up

 Looks up definitions of DTCs stored in scan tool, and shows the possiblecauses of the DTC. (NOt every DTC with possible causes reason)



Display battery condition, Max value Min value by graph in real time



Changes tool option displays tool information, and performs tool self-tests.



Allows the user to change the language used by the tool. English is default.



Changes measurement units display metric or imperial.


Data Logging

Turn on /off the data log function to record the device data through vehicle.



Display Test

Used to check the display screen.


Keyboard Test 

Verifies that the keys are working correctly.



Packing List:

1pc * YA201 Code Reader

1pc * English User Manual




Display the device hardware information , software information , releasedate and serial number, etc.




Obdii Diagnostic Tool Ya201 Car Code Reader Update Lifetime For Obd 2 Engine Test Pk Cr3001 Kw590 Obdii Car Code Scann

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