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New Arrival Multidiag Pro Bluetooth-Compatible 2018.R0 Activated Green V3.0 Board Double Pcb Obd 2 Interface For Car/Tr

New Arrival Multidiag Pro Bluetooth-Compatible 2018.R0 Activated Green V3.0 Board Double Pcb Obd 2 Interface For Car/Tr

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NEW Arrival Multidiag Pro Bluetooth-compatible 2018.R0 Activated Green V3.0 Board Double PCB OBD 2 Interface For Car/Truck

Warm Tips:

1.If the CD is broken or can't readable, pls contact with the seller, we will deal with it as soon as possible.

2.Delivery time Note: If your Confirmation Time is coming, you still not receive the goods, please contact us, we will extend the delivery date in advance.

3.If any questions, please feel free to contact with the seller, please never open a dispute before contact with the seller.

with V3.0 board +New NEC relays + Real 9241A chip

(Real 9241 chip can Support 1998-2003 old cars and work more stable )

Description :

Item type: Fault diagnosis instrument

Material: ABS+electronic components

Color: Black

Type: with bluetooth, without bluetooth

Voltage: 12V

Working temperature: -20~60 degrees Celsius

Item size: 10.24 x 6.69 x 3.15 Inches(L*W*H)

Weight: 0.7kg/24.7oz

About Function:


2.Automatic Transmission

3.ABS / ASR / ESP / EBD brake system

4.Airbags, pretensioners, curtain systems

5.Automatic air conditioning (1-2-4 areas)

6.Steering system

7.Dash board

8.Sound system and navigation

9.Central lock

10.Anti-theft system

11.Lamp module

12.4x4 drive

13.Passenger seat and driver's memory

14.Comfort module

Able to read current parameters on the running engine:

1.Coolant temperature value

2.battery voltage

3.Coolant pressure

4.The current speed of the vehicle

5.Fuel System

6.Vacuum in the intake manifold

7.Calculated air quality

8.Fuel flow

9.Preset position of EGR valve

10.Throttle position

11.Brake pedal position

12.Accelerator pedal position sensor

13.Fuel pressure sensor

14.Lambda sensor instructions

15.Fuel pressure

16.Ignition advance angle

17.Flowmeter value

18.Short-term injector calibration

19.Long-term calibration of the injector

20.Engine speed

21.Intake air temperature

22.Injection advance angle regulator

24.And many other data read from the vehicle controller according to the model and year (up to 240 indicators)

About language:


Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Denish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbien, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Supported cars/Trucks model list:

For cars:For VW,For Benz,For BMW,For TOYOTA,For Land Rover,For Jaguar,ForPorsche,For Audi,For Seat,For NISSAN,For Opel,For VOLVO,For LADA,For Mazda etc.(And more car models will be released)

For Trucks: for Allison, for Chevrolet, for Citroen, for Dacia, for DAF, for Fiat, for Ford, for Hyundai, for Isuzu, for Iveco, for Iveco Trucks, for Kia, for Man, for Man bus, for chassis, for Mazda, for Mercedes, for Mitsubishi, for Nissan, for Opel, for Vauhall, for Peugeot, for Renault, for Renault Trucks, for Scania, for Scania, for Seat, for Skoda, for Toyota, for Volkswagen, for Volvo Bus, for Volvo trucks etc...(And more truck model will bereleased)

Attention :

1.CD version is V2016.01 , do not need to activate.

If you want V2016.01 With Keygen / V2017.R3 With Keygen / V2018.R0 No Keygen, pls contact us to get download link. For 2018.R0 version, you need to email us file for actvation.

2.The following table is the difference between 2017.R3 and 2018.R0

3. Before download or install software V2016.01/2017.R3 /2018.R0

-TURN OFF your internet connection!

-Shut down antivirus software!

-Delete all files about the old version!

About System:

Support computer system:

XP,WIN7,WIN8 (32 bit and 64 bit),

WIN 10 system 32 bit system more stable,

WIN10 system 64 bit system depends on the computer configuration.

Packing list:

1*Automotive diagnostic tool


1*CD (software),color random

1*Package box

Install 2016.00 and activate fileactivation steps:

(If you need other versions of software, please contact us before purching,

The 2016 version installation process is just a demonstration)

Default on CD( with Keygen)

1. Copy "cars 2016.00" to your computer.

2. Run main.exe in "cars 2016.00" to activate (Truck activate is same way like car)

---Click start.

3. click yes to save FileActivation on desk.

4. Click 2016.00 keygen ,then you can activate the FileActivation start again.

5. Click no, to open the FileActivation actived.

6.Wait for install complete, enjoy!


New Arrival Multidiag Pro Bluetooth-Compatible 2018.R0 Activated Green V3.0 Board Double Pcb Obd 2 Interface For Car/Tr

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