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Motorcycle Helmet Open Face Retro Vintage Scooter Casco Pilot Men Cafe Racer Motorbike Capacete De Moto Factory Directl

Motorcycle Helmet Open Face Retro Vintage Scooter Casco Pilot Men Cafe Racer Motorbike Capacete De Moto Factory Directl

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This helmet is newly developed and produced by our factory, and the price is currently reduced for sales.

After that, the price will be increased for normal sales. This helmet offer wholesale service, customers in need can chat with us .


High strength ABS shell, lightweight and impact resistance

Multi-density EPS safety buffer layer offers state-of-the-art energy absorption.

Comfort soft padding liner uses breathable technical fabric, hypoallergenic, high-grade fabric, soft, absorbent, ventilation, better flexibility; more cleanliness

The glasses design, provide UV protection Quick release buckle for a secure fit that will stay on your head

Reasonable design: Give your ride a lot of fun

DOT Certification, quality assurance

Removeable ear protector

International size: S(55-56CM),M(57-58CM),L(59-60CM),XL(61-62CM)

According to the results of the measurement, like a little loose recommended to take a larger size, like a tighter recommended to take a smaller size.

Package including:1 * Motorcycle Helmet

We can't judge a helmet only by its appearance and price.

Every year 1.2 million people around the world are killed in motorcycle accidents, which means at least two people are killed every minute.The goal of our helmet is to protect the skull from 90% of the impact caused by the accident type, which basically covers the low to medium energy range and absorbs some of the high energy impact.Our helmet passed impact attenuation test,penetration test,retention system test(The helmet is not fall off during rapid acceleration).


Helmets are designed to help absorb ONE impact.

After your helmet has protected you from an impact,you must get a new one. For example,a rollover or accident where you and your helmet hit the ground.Helmet impact absorbing buffer layer will be damaged after impacting for once.Once this has happened,the helmet no longer has the ability to absorb further impacts.Therefore,a helmet that experiences an impact should be destroyed and replaced.

Don't mistreat your helmet.

Never ride with the helmet hanging from the helmet holder,and don't hang the helmet from angled supports like a mirror.Don't sit on your helmet or throw it around.You should not expose the liner of your helmet to strong sunlight and excessive heat such as near heaters or where temperatures exceed 50℃.Mistreating your helmet will damage the shell and impact absorbing liner and reduce the helmet's ability to protect you in an accident.

Clean your helmet carefully.

Never use hot or salt water,volatile oils,gasoline or other solvent cleaning.Your helmet can be seriously damaged by these substances without damage being visible to you. The correct way to clean a helmet is to mix 5 or 6 s of mild soap in a quart of warm water.Dampen a soft cloth with this solution and wipe the helmet clean.Rinse with a wet cloth.

Maintain your helmet shield in good condition.

If your shield becomes too scratched or miry,replace it with a new one.Impaired visibility causes accidents.Clean your shield with mild soapy water,rinse well with clean water,rinse well with clean water,and dry with a soft cloth.Never use benzene,gasoline,glass cleaner or any other solvents. Do not attach stickers or adhesive tape to the shield as this shield as this will weaken the hard coating.These can damage the shield.




Motorcycle Helmet Open Face Retro Vintage Scooter Casco Pilot Men Cafe Racer Motorbike Capacete De Moto Factory Directl

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