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Mini Gps Locator Jimi Qbit Waterproof Kids Dog Cat Tracker With 4 Days Standby Time Sos Two-Way Talking Realtime Positi

Mini Gps Locator Jimi Qbit Waterproof Kids Dog Cat Tracker With 4 Days Standby Time Sos Two-Way Talking Realtime Positi

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1. Concox Qbit Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker Pets Locator

1. Concox Qbit Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker Dog location tracker

Jimi Qbit/Q1 GPS tracker will give you a completely new level of awareness and convenience. Loaded with GPS and WiFi positioning, Qbit enables you to view real-time location from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Being stylish, tough and accurate, the Qbit is an ideal for kids, the elderly, and people with special needs. acting and providing trust to your potential users.

3.What Can Qbit Use For?

Our Qbit personal GPS tracker can use for children, old people, wallet, key, pet, suitcase, and so on.

4. Why Choose Jimi Qbit Waterproof GPS Locator?

1). WiFi Positioning

Most GPS Tracket only have GPS and AGPS positioning, and a few have WiFi positioning. WiFi positioning is the assisted positioning,which can link automatically in WiFi. Latest

WiFi positioning enables the kids to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly.

2).GPS+AGPS Double Positioning

Our Qbit support both GPS and AGPS positioning, once there have good GPS signal, it will locate via GPS. AGPS assist Qbit to locate faster. The double positioning allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly.

3). IPX5 Dust And Waterproof

Our Qbit have high precision shell to ensure stable operation in tough environment. It will help our Qbit prevent dust from entering & being splashed by water. It means that you can even use it on the rainy day.

4). Mediatek Intelligence Chipset

Our Mini Personal GPS Tracker Qbit adopt high-performance processing chipest MTK2503. While reducing the power consumption by a large margin, the accuracy of positioning is greatly increased.

5). Sound Alarm

When the sound is more than 70 decibels around our mini GPS tracker Qbit, our Qbit will automatic call setting cell phone number to alarm. Let your peace of mind to go out.

6). SOS Emergency Calling

In emergent case, press the SOS button for over 3 seconds.Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset SOS numbers and then dial the numbers in 3 circles until the call is picked up. Alarm message will also be sent to platform.

7). Voice Monitoring

We can send “ MONITOR# ” to the device by the phone with SOS number, the device will reply “OK” and call the SOS number. After the call connected, the SOS number can hear the sound around the device.

8). White List

Our Qbit can only answer phone calls from SOS number and white list numbers. White list numbers (15 numbers at most) can also be set by platform. Giving old people and kids a more safety environment.

9). Sound And Light Settings

We can through our professional platform “Tracksolid” to turn on sound and light searching. Our lovely can be very easily found in the darkness. Let you stay with the people you love anytime anywhere.

10). Low Battery Alarm

The built-in battery can charge one hour, then use for about 3 to 5 days. When the battery is less than 5%, it will send SMS:“ Attention! The built-in battery is low!” to SOS numbers.

11). Clear Two-way Audio

We can use our mobile phone (pre-set SOS number) to dial the device. When connection successful, our Qbit will beep and glows green. Then press the SOS button to answer the phone.

12). Auto-mute Mode

To give children a more comfortable sleep environment, parents can set the forbidden time according the sleep time. In this period, any calling or SOS will be out of action. By this way, to ensure the children have a better sleep quality .

5. Concox Qbit Product Details


Mini Gps Locator Jimi Qbit Waterproof Kids Dog Cat Tracker With 4 Days Standby Time Sos Two-Way Talking Realtime Positi

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