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Lehx Pro 8 Core 5G Car Android 10 Radio Multimedia Video Player For Lada X Ray Xray 2015 - 2019 Autoraido Carplay Gps

Lehx Pro 8 Core 5G Car Android 10 Radio Multimedia Video Player For Lada X Ray Xray 2015 - 2019 Autoraido Carplay Gps

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Please check the size and adapter before buying. If you have any questions, you can take a picture of your car dashboard and send it to us.

Main Features
L6: Android 10 API=27   CPU MTK8227L 4 Core  DDR  1/2GB  ROM16/32GB  WIFI 2.4G  Bluetooth 4.0
L6 Plus: Android 10 API=28  CPU MTK 8257 8 Core  DDR2GB  ROM32GB  WIFI 2.4G  Bluetooth 4.4
L6 Plus supports 360 reversing images (optional)

L6 Pro: Android 10 API=29  CPU 7862-64BIT 8 Core  DDR  3/4/6GB  ROM32/64/128GB 4G LTE  WIFI  5G  Bluetooth 5.1

AHD cameras only support 8 cores, 4 cores only support CVBS cameras

4 cores can support video output for headrest connection. 8 Core does not support rear-view headrest (you can purchase an additional USB adapter).

Package includes:
1* Car Android GPS Media Player (including frame)
2*Usb cables(L6/L6Plus)
3*Usb cables( L6Pro)
1*Gps antenna
1*RCA cables
2*RCA cables( L6Pro)
1*Camera cable
1*Cable adapter

1*Canbus (optional)

Phone | Music | Maps | Podcasts
CarPlay or Android Auto is a smarter, safer and more fun
ADAS The recorder provides 1080P video and clear night image quality. When your car is about to hit the car in front, or when you reach a certain speed and the car is trimmed, you will be reminded.
Automatic reverse parking view
When the car is reversed, this Car Radio will automatically switch to the backup camera image view with the parking line.
   LEHX Pro 5.1 channel DSP, equipped with DTS HiFi digital audio authorization. Surround sound, Trubass, Phantom Center and other modes to achieve 5.1-channel surround sound. This technology can adjust the surround sound up and down, greatly reduce its own noise, maximize the sound conversion effect, and let you enjoy high-quality music performances in the car.
    4 cores can support headrest connection video output. 8 Core does not support rear view headrests (you can purchase additional USB adapters). With this function, you and your family and friends can enjoy a visual feast in the car.
L6 Pro external SIM card slot the device can support the installation of 2 SIM cards at the moment: Integrated SIM card and SIM card in an external cable.
Intelligent steering wheel controller, control the steering wheel control such as changing songs, turning up the volume, etc., to provide you with convenient and safe driving

LEHX L6 Pro supports BT5.1 builtin smart Bluetooth system, which can support mobile phone Bluetooth pairing, mobile phone music, hands-free dialing, clear calls, and ensure your driving safety.

The intelligent four-tyre pressure detector realizes real-time temperature visualization. When the tire pressure or temperature limit is exceeded, an alarm will be activated immediately.

360-degree panoramic driving recorder only For with LEHX L6 Plus

Import duties and taxes are borne by the buyer, and our prices do not include any duties. If you need to strictly inspect the packaging. You still need to pay taxes to pass the fee. I do not charge fees. The return will be borne by the customer because he refuses to go through customs.
* If you have any questions about the product, delivery and service, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible, and we will try our best to help you solve it. Don't leave negative or public disputes without communication.
1. After the first search for satellite signals is successful, the time and date will be updated;
2. You understand that the operating system and pre-installed applications take up part of the memory; the map of Russia requires about 2.8GB; the map of Europe requires about 6.8GB;
3. How to set the steering wheel control
Settings-car information-SWC-first click clarall --- and then click the icon. When it flashes, press the button on the steering wheel to match the icon. After successful learning, the color will change.
Note: If your order comes with canbus, please set the canbus type so that the button can work, please contact our customer service for help.

4. How to connect the rear camera?

1) Yellow cable ①Connect to the navigation reversing video input socket

2) Red cable ②Connect to the reverse detection line of the navigation adapter (BACK or REVERSE)

3) Connect ③ and ④ together, and then connect the positive pole of the reverse light power supply

4) Black cable ⑤ Connect the body screw to the ground or the negative pole of the reverse light power supply

How to change the boot logo?
Configuration---car information---general---boot logo---L6/L6Plus 8888, L6Pro 3368 password---select logo.

It is recommended that it be installed by professionals. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to the car dashboard when installing the device. Therefore, it is best for professionals to install the equipment on the car.


Lehx Pro 8 Core 5G Car Android 10 Radio Multimedia Video Player For Lada X Ray Xray 2015 - 2019 Autoraido Carplay Gps

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