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Karadar 2 In 1 Anti Radar Detector Radar Detecting City Highway Auto Mode X K Ct Laser Bands Radar Detector Radar For R

Karadar 2 In 1 Anti Radar Detector Radar Detecting City Highway Auto Mode X K Ct Laser Bands Radar Detector Radar For R

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Upgrade original signature radar detector: Karadar G-820NEW is suitable for Russia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazzakjstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia

This product uses GPS satellite positioning and broadcasting, as well as fixed traffic light satellite coordinate data and ordinary illegal camera broadcasting. By broadcasting, it serves as a reminder function to driving drivers, thereby reducing traffic violations, instead of letting drivers ignore the traffic rules, thinking that with anti-radar equipment, they can not be fined. Everyone should abide by the traffic rules, not because of there is no fine for the device.

Advantages of Upgrade NEW-G820STR

1.The boot sound has changed and is more gentle.

2.There is a difference in voice broadcast. The prompt tone of each frequency band is different. You can know the radar frequency band from the prompt tone.

3.GPS module upgrade, using a more advanced GPS module, safe and stable, faster search speed.

4.The upgrade method is different, it is more convenient to use the software to upgrade with one button.

***The Firmware Upgrade Method of the New G820STR***

Many friends who bought the New G820STR suggested to us that after the radar is connected to the computer, the computer cannot read the radar.

Now I will explain that this is an attribute. In order to avoid file damage, we set the radar to not be read by the computer.

1.X,K,Ultral-X,Ultra-K-band,Strelka and Laser detection
2. high sensitive GPS and GLONASS Receiver
3.VG-2 invisible
4.False alerts protection
5. Smooth Volume Control
6. 2.4 inch LED Display,DIM mode
8. Display brightness levels
9. Mute mode
10. Preloaded GPS data base

The G-820STR Radar/Laser Detector
12V Power Charger
Windshield Mounting set
Operation Manual
USB Cable

Frequency operation:
X-Band (10525GHz +/-50MHz)
K-Band (24.150GHz +/-100MHz)
Laser Band (800nm~1100nm)
Strelka detection (24.125GHz)

1.Power button
2.DARK button
3.UP button
4.DOWN button
5.LED display
6.Power cord input jack
7.Radar antenna/ laser lens
8.Usb Jack

Karadar PRO960

Karadar Pro960 will inform about the type of police radar allowed speed on the road section, will give information about the distance to
radar and average speed (in case of Avtodoria detection). The database contains 35 different types of radars, such as Strelka, "Robot", "Cordon", "Chris", "Krechet", "Avtodoria", etc. Each
a new police radar is quickly added to the base and is available in new firmware.

The signature technology of the radar detector is the most advanced to date. Its name comes from the English signature, "signature". The device contains the characteristic "handwriting", variants of the radiation of police radars and standard sources of interference (automatic doors, active car safety systems). As a result, the detector filters out the latter without annoying false alarms, and recognizes speed meters so clearly that it displays a warning along with the name of the radar ahead.

The new SIGNATURE MODE signature technology allows the device recognize most police radars by type and name and minimizes triggering from radio signal sources without taking part in the control of the traffic situation (sliding doors, gas stations, barriers, sensors of "dead" zones, etc.).

Мобильный радар-детектор, тип и работа

PRO960 vs. G820STR


Q: How long does it take to get the product after purchasing it?
A: After receiving the order, we will send out the goods within 48 hours. Depending on your area and local logistics conditions, there will be different timelines. You can wait patiently or consult customer service to check the package transportation status. If you have not received the goods after waiting 30 days, you can file a logistics dispute.

Q: Do I need to update after purchasing a new product?
A: No, our products have been updated. If necessary, please ask customer service to update the files after 2-3 months of use. This will help extend the life of the product.

Q: What should I do if there is a problem after getting the product? Should I file a dispute directly?
A: If you find that there are problems or dissatisfaction with the product after you get the product, you can contact customer service and explain the problem. Customer service will help you solve the problem. If you really need to raise a dispute, customer service will teach you how to raise a dispute correctly.

Q:Can't get GPS signal?
A:1.For the first time, it takes 3 minutes to get the GPS signal.
2. The explosion-proof film on the car glass can be taken out of the car and tested. If your car has a membrane, please do not choose this product.
3. In the building, no signal will be received.
*If it still does not work, please contact customer service.

Q: I have used this product for a few days and I don't want it. How to reasonably apply for convenient local return service
A: When you raise a dispute, choose the reason "no reason", then send the goods according to the address information provided in the background, and fill in the tracking number in the background, then you can wait quietly

Q:Which Country it can work ? which coutry we can use ?
A:Our radar just have Russian . it could wor in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan.
If you use it in Spain,France,Poland,United States,Korea an so on , please do not order it.

A: This product (Russian version) is an anti-radar device for mobile speed measurement. It is mainly based on GPS data. It is only aimed at Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Russian-speaking countries. Broadcast through GPS satellite positioning (GPS data needs to be upgraded). As well as fixed traffic light satellite coordinate data and common illegal camera broadcast.
The English version (only pro960) of the anti-radar equipment only broadcasts the radar, broadcasts X/K/CT/LASER, and does not broadcast the normal illegal camera and fixed traffic light satellite coordinate data. And the English version does not support GPS data alarm.
Q:The device does not broadcast when it encounters some radars?
A: First: It may be that the radar equipment itself has been damaged, so it will not broadcast
Second: The power interface or the interface of the linking device is loose, resulting in no broadcast, just check the interface

Q: GPS data is not broadcast
A: It can be solved by updating the GPS data, because the GPS data is constantly updated, and the update collection of the data also takes time. There are only a small number of non-broadcasting problems, which is normal. Do not mind buying.

Q. Anti-radar equipment keeps broadcasting, which may be due to the following reasons
A: First, the use of Audi cars will interfere with the equipment
Second, installing a variety of radars such as anti-collision radar in the car will cause interference to anti-radar equipment
Mind not to buy

Q: Anti-radar equipment called to the door.
A: Nowadays, many doors, especially electric doors, have interference. It is normal to broadcast to the door, so don’t mind buying

Q: The report is only broadcast after the vehicle has passed the radar equipment
A: This problem is a very small number of problems, belongs to a technical problem, can not be solved, mind not to buy


Karadar 2 In 1 Anti Radar Detector Radar Detecting City Highway Auto Mode X K Ct Laser Bands Radar Detector Radar For R

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