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Jccon Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor High Frequency Low Esr 6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 63V 100V 400V 450V 100Uf 220Uf 33

Jccon Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor High Frequency Low Esr 6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 63V 100V 400V 450V 100Uf 220Uf 33

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Product name

Lead Aluminum Capacitor




6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 63V 100V 400V 450V
4.7UF 47UF 100UF 220UF 330UF 470UF 680UF 1000UF 2200UF 3300UF 4700UF 10000UF
smart home appliances, security, medical equipment, ect.
Product Type
SGS certification
-40+105℃ High frequency low resistance
Lead type
Radial lead-out.
Tinnde copper-ply wire

Adhesive tape

Poly-propylene film


Medical equipment, household appliances, PC power inverter, electric welding machine, LED drive power, charging pile, switching power supply, etc.

JCCON Series:

1. General standard series,under the condition of 105℃ to ensure using 2000 hours.
2. Environmental protection product.

Product Features:

1. High ripple resistance, 105℃ full voltage, long life product use.
2. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are widely used in smart home appliances, security, medical equipment, communication equipment, LED lighting, inverters, vehicles, audio amplifiers, industrial frequency conversion, new energy and other fields, in line with ROSH/REACH.

Attention please:

1.The measurement allowed error is ±1.0-2.0 cm.
2.Our price is our quality, committed to creating solder tin materials with core competencies.
3.Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing.
4.In order to prevent counterfeit or pirated products, we will continue to update the product packaging, but this does not affect the quality and use of the product, the new and old packaging will be shipped randomly.
5.Packed well, shipping faster within 24hours.

Package Includes:

Model: As your choise!

Quantity: As your choise!

6.3V1000UF 8*12

6.3V1500UF 10*13

6.3V3300UF 10*20

10V470UF 6*12

10V680UF 6*11

10V1000UF 8*12

10V1500UF 10*13

10V1500UF 10*17

10V3300UF 10*20

16V100UF 5*11

16V220UF 6*7

16V220UF 6*12

16V470UF 8*12

16V680UF 8*12

16V1000UF 8*16

16V1000UF 10*17

16V1500UF 10*20

16V2200UF 10*20

16V3300UF 13*21

16V4700UF 13*25

16V10000UF 16*30

16V22000UF 18*35

25V47UF 5*11

25V100UF 6*12

25V220UF 6*12

25V220UF 8*12

25V330UF 8*12

25V470UF 8*12

25V1000UF 10*17

25V1000UF 10*20

25V2200UF 13*21

25V3300UF 13*25

25V4700UF 16*25

25V10000UF 18*35

35V47UF 5*11

35V100UF 6*7

35V100UF 6*11

35V220UF 8*12

35V330UF 8*16

35V330UF 10*13

35V470UF 8*16

35V470UF 10*13

35V470UF 10*17

35V680UF 10*17

35V680UF 10*20

35V1000UF 10*20

35V1000UF 13*21

35V2200UF 13*25

35V3300UF 16*25

35V4700UF 18*25

35V6800UF 18*35

35V10000UF 18*35

50V1UF 5*11

50V4.7UF 5*11

50V10UF 5*11

50V22UF 5*11

50V47UF 6*12

50V100UF 8*12

50V220UF 10*13

50V330UF 10*17

50V470UF 10*20

50V680UF 13*21

50V1000UF 13*25

50V2200UF 16*30

50V3300UF 18*31

63V100UF 8*12

63V220UF 10*17

63V470UF 13*21

63V1000UF 16*25

63V2200UF 18*31

100V47UF 8*12

100V47UF 10*13

100V100UF 10*17

100V220UF 13*21

100V330UF 13*21

100V330UF 13*25

100V470UF 16*25

100V1000UF 18*35

250V100UF 16*25

400V2.2UF 8*12

400V4.7UF 8*12

400V6.8UF 8*12

400V10UF 8*12

400V10UF 10*13

400V15UF 10*13

400V22UF 13*17

400V22UF 13*21

400V33UF 13*17

400V33UF 16*20

400V47UF 16*25

400V68UF 16*25

400V82UF 18*25

400V100UF 18*25

400V120UF 18*30

400V150UF 18*35

400V180UF 18*40

400V220UF 18*40

450V4.7UF 10*13

450V6.8UF 10*13

450V22UF 13*21

450V33UF 16*25

450V47UF 16*25

450V82UF 18*31

450V100UF 18*31

450V120UF 18*31

450V150UF 18*35

450V220UF 18*40

About FAQ:

1. Q: I dont receive my packages,what should I do?

A: Pls contact with us through message firstly.We will help you and arrange inspection our processing link. At the same time,you need check your shipping address and whether the payment is successful.Also if you are convenient,pls check with the post office nearby.

2. Q: Can you sell wholesale price?

A: Yes,if your order above 5 sets one time.You can contact with us.

3. Q: What should I do when I receive a wrong model product?

A: Please check carefully whether the received product is same as what you ordered. If you receive a wrong product, damaged product, or partial shipment of your order, please immediately contact the store to obtain after-sales support. We apologize for the inconvenience to you in case anything happens like this.

4. Q: What should I do when there is a quality problem of the product?

A: Whether you use JCCON products first time or you are JCCON products enthusiast, If the product has any use or technical problems, please contact us as soon as possible, we will show you the use process of the product and solve the operational problems, please don't worry.

About Feedback:

If you are satisfied with our product,you can give us 5 stars feedback and show your beautiful pictures.Thank you so much!


Jccon Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor High Frequency Low Esr 6.3V 10V 16V 25V 35V 50V 63V 100V 400V 450V 100Uf 220Uf 33

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