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Gm328 Transistor Tester Diy Kit Frequency Meter Pwm Square Wave Full Color Screen Graphics Lcr Diode Capacitance Voltag

Gm328 Transistor Tester Diy Kit Frequency Meter Pwm Square Wave Full Color Screen Graphics Lcr Diode Capacitance Voltag

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*100% brand new and high quality

*Made of high quality material, durable and practical to use

*Using MCU ATMEAG328P DIP-28. With IC holder

*The display unit uses a 160x128 pixel color display, full-screen characters 8x20, 16-bit color depth, and graphic display element symbols

* Rotary switch control, one-key measurement, automatic shutdown

*Use 9V laminated battery, you can also use power adapter (DC 6.8-12V), the full current is about 30mA, and the shutdown current is about 20nA

* Automatic detection of NPN and PNP transistors, FETs, diodes, dual diodes, thyristors, SCRs, automatic identification of transistor pins

*Test the magnification of the common emitter current of NPN and PNP transistors, base-emitter threshold voltage, turn off the collector-emitter leakage current

*A Darlington transistor recognized by the base-emitter threshold voltage and high current gain across the transistor

Detect built-in power transistor and FET protection diode

*Test whether the FET gate-source threshold voltage is open, drain-source on-resistance, gate-source capacitance

*Up to two measuring resistances, so the adjustable resistance of three feet can be measured. If the adjustable resistance is transferred to the end, it can only be one measured resistance value

*The maximum resolution of resistance measurement is 0.01Ω. It can measure up to 50MΩ

*Capacitor measurement range is 25pF-100mF, resolution is 1pF

*For capacitors larger than 90nF, measure its equivalent series resistance (ESR) at the same time. The maximum resolution of the equivalent series resistance is 0.01Ω

*Capacitors larger than 5000pF also show the value after the capacitor's charging voltage rate can reflect the quality factor (Q value)

*Measuring up to two diodes can display their positive and negative on-state voltages

*LED also displays the graphic symbol diode, the conduction voltage is much higher than ordinary diodes

*A Zener diode with a reverse breakdown voltage lower than 4.5V can be detected and displayed as a double diode symbol. Its positive and negative voltage is based on the diode symbol of about 700mV, and the second diode symbol corresponding to the voltage is turned on and adjusted .So don't measure ordinary diodes and Zener diodes at the same time

*Testing a single diode, and the PN junction capacitance of the transistor under test between the PN junction capacitance between the reverse junctions, can only enter the base and emitter, base and collector of the transistor at the same time

For the capacitor to be tested less than 25pF, the test needs to prepare a 30pF capacitor, test the 30pF capacitor, test the capacitor in parallel before measuring, and subtract the measured value of the 30pF capacitor to get the result

*For the following 2100Ω resistors, the inductance range is 0.01mH-20H at the same time

It takes about two seconds during the test, and large capacitors and inductors will take longer

*Other functions include frequency measurement, voltage measurement, square wave generator, PWM

Generator, color selection, debugging calibration, continuous testing and other functions

*The frequency range from 1Hz to 1MHz or higher measured at frequencies below 25kHz can display a cycle resolution of 0.001mHz

*DC voltage measurement up to 50V

*One way is output with square wave signal, multi-range frequency is available, the maximum output frequency is 2MHz

* Output a fixed frequency variable duty cycle pulse signal (PWM), the duty cycle adjustable range is 1%-99%

*Single capacitance function test, the test mode for continuous measurement of 2uF-50mF capacitors can be directly measured in its circuit (the measured capacitance needs power, and the measured capacitance needs to be fully discharged in the circuit)

*Thyristors and thyristors can only identify their pins, and it is also necessary to test whether the trigger current of the thyristor or SCR is less than the current that the tester can provide, and the tester can only provide a maximum trigger current of 6mA


*Product:LCR Meter


1. Shut down

2. Transistor test

3. Frequency test

4. f generator

5. 10-bit PWM

6. C + ESR @ TP1:3

7. Continuous measurement of resistance

8. 1- || -3 Continuous measurement of capacitance

9. Rotary encoder

10. Self-check

11. Voltage test

12. FrontColor

13. BackColor adjustment

14. Date of performance

Package Contents:

Package 1:1*Acrylic protective cover shell

Package 2:1*Unsoldered tester component kit

Package 3:1*Finished product tester


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2. Please allow slight manual measurement deviation for the data.

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Gm328 Transistor Tester Diy Kit Frequency Meter Pwm Square Wave Full Color Screen Graphics Lcr Diode Capacitance Voltag

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