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Food Garbage Disposal 560W Crusher Waste Disposers Stainless Steel Grinder Home Appliances Kitchen Germany Technology

Food Garbage Disposal 560W Crusher Waste Disposers Stainless Steel Grinder Home Appliances Kitchen Germany Technology

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All buyers Note:

Thank you very much for choosing our store's garbage disposal products!

If you are satisfied with it, please tell your friends.❤

If you have suggestions, please let us know, we sincerely hope that you can put forward valuable opinions in the process of using, your suggestions are our wealth, your needs are our work!

Please read the buyer before purchasing the garbage processor:

1) When you receive the garbage processor, please follow the instructions and video installation machines to test, don't run it without installing the machine, because this is a bad trial for the machine, it will not reflect What is the effect. If there is any problem during the installation process, please contact us, we will help you solve the problem, we also believe in your superior practical ability.

2) About the use of the remote control: The machine needs to use the air switch when the machine is started. The remote control automatically matches the machine. If the remote control cannot be used, check the battery, or contact me to reissue or refund.

3) Korean buyers usually need to order a 180mm adapter if you need to order a 180mm adapter, please contact customer service to send a link.

4) Usually our machine will check and debug the machine before shipping, to ensure that the machine reaches the buyer is intact. If the buyer has breaking after receiving the package, please provide photos or videos with me, we will give a reasonable and perfect solution or compensation.

Note:The food waste disposer is designed with an anti-stick reamer, which makes a crashing sound when shredding, this is normal; when operating, please remember to turn on the water before turning on the machine and turn off the water afterwards.❤

Operating steps:

1) Open the water tap and release the cold water;

2) Turn on the power and press the start switch, the motor of the disposal will start and the turntable in the grinding chamber will start to rotate;

3) Pour food waste into the sink opening, do not grind shells, glass, metal and other hard objects or pour harsh chemicals into the sink opening;

4) Run the disposal for just a few moments to safely grind the waste into fine particles until only the sound of the motor and water flow can be heard and the grinding is complete, then switch off the disposal;

5) Turn off the water tap after approx. 15 seconds after the grinding is complete and allow the waste particles to escape through the drainage pipe.

Note:Regular grinding of hard objects such as cooked bones and fruit kernels helps to keep the parts clean and running smoothly.❤


1, Before using the disposal, make sure that the grinding chamber is empty;

2, When not using the processor, please keep the sink plug plugged to prevent anything from accidentally sliding down it;

3, This disposal will solve your food waste disposal problems, but please remember not to use this disposal for glass, ceramic, plastic, fibre, fabric, feathers, etc. Please remember not to use the disposal for glass, ceramic, plastic, fibre, fabric, feathers, shells and similar waste;

4, For faster disposal, you can pre-process oversized bones, fruit and vegetable peels etc. into smaller pieces.

Product capacity: 1200ml

Running power: 560W

Voltage frequency: 220V/50HZ

Size (Height*Diameter): 320*200mm

Net weight: 6KG

No-load speed: 2600-2700r/min

Operation method: air switch/wireless switch

High-Quality & Durable Materials: By adopting high-quality ABS engineering plastics and stainless steel, the food garbage disposal eliminates leakage or electric shock and, avoids bacteria efficiently. Heavy-duty steel grind blade makes garbage small enough. This unit lasts a long time on any condition. You don't need to operate it for more than 5 minutes each time.


Food Garbage Disposal 560W Crusher Waste Disposers Stainless Steel Grinder Home Appliances Kitchen Germany Technology

You save $29.00 (13%)
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