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Eraclean Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine High Frequency 56000Hz Frequency Vibration Timing Rechargeable Cleaner

Eraclean Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine High Frequency 56000Hz Frequency Vibration Timing Rechargeable Cleaner

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Please Note:Starting in 2022, the tank of the washing machine will be changed from stainless steel to ABS food grade material, thank you

Feature and Specification


Product Name: contact lens cleaning box
Body size: 100 * 60 * 35mm
Net weight: about 98g
color: ivory white
Material: IPX7
Input: 5V =1A
Timing time: 2 minutes
Package details: contact lens cleaning box + tweezers suction bar + double spectacle frame + charging cable + storage bag + instruction manual


*Small and portable
*56000hz high frequency vibration, efficient cleaning
*Whole body wash
*Simple operation, one key cleaning
*One charge,can be used for 20 days

EraClean Contact Lens Cleaning Machine

Protect your eyes anytime, anywhere
Mini and portable / 56000HZ high frequency vibration / washable body

Your cornea is undergoing invisible damage

Red eyes , dry eyes , eye infection 
Corneal hypoxia , bacterial invasion 
Traditional care solution cleaning 
Incomplete cleaning , residual bacteria 
Physical rubbing
Causes contact lens damage / deformation

56000 ultrasonic vibrations for efficient cleaning

High-frequency vibration separates the air and water in the liquid to form 50-500um bubbles , which expand and
burst under the action of sound pressure , reaching an instantaneous impact force of 1000 atmosphereres,realizing
all-round no blind spot cleaning , and use with glasses care liquid , can emulsify and peel off protein , lipid and dust ,
and effectively eliminate bacteria and nhibit bacteria.

Authoritative inspection report
Authoritative testing , safe and reliable purchase

What makes contact lenses a new life ?

From Eraclea Fresh cleaning and care technology , 56000 high frequency vibration , so that your contact lens no
damage , Silentdesign , give you a more effective contact lens care.

The operation is simple
One click cleaning
You can enjoy professional cleaning service anytime and anywhere ,one click start 2 minutes Fresh ultrasonic
cleaning , restore contactlens clean , transparent essence , let your eyes no longer feel foreign body.

20 days usage time for once charge
Magnetic USB charging , no need to plug , high-efficiency lithium battery , charge for 2 hours , use about 20 days.
Magnetic USB charging port

Internal and external seal design
Washable all over
The whole machine is integrated , fully sealed and non porous design, IPX7 waterproof and dustproof , easy to
wash ; built in independent nursing fluid sealed cabin , always care for contact lenses.

Small size
Lightweight and portable , sealed nursing liquid cabin design , built-in beauty mirror , wearing tools ; integrated design , easy to carry.
IPX7 Waterproof grade
Integrated design, make up mirror + tools 
Suitable for all kinds of Soft Contact Lens
2 minutes Automatic cleaning 
Super long endurance,rechargeable magnet design 

Frosted shell
Magnetic cover
Seamless cleaning tank
Silicone sealing cap
Tool slot

Product parameters


Open the lid and add the care solution ( The height is up to the scale mark ).
Use tweezers to take the lens and put it in the cleaning compartment . The slot design is convenient to distinguish the left and right eye glasses.
One-button switch , touch the switch to turn on the machine . The switch lights up ( white light ) , and it will be cleaned automatically in 2 minutes . Thecleaning is finished when the red light is on.
Use tweezers to take out the lens . rinse it with the care solution before wearing it or soak it in a clean care solution for storage.


Eraclean Contact Lens Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine High Frequency 56000Hz Frequency Vibration Timing Rechargeable Cleaner

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