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Ebc-A20 Battery Tester 30V 85W Lithium/Lead Acid Battery Capacity Tester Electronic Load Pc Software Control

Ebc-A20 Battery Tester 30V 85W Lithium/Lead Acid Battery Capacity Tester Electronic Load Pc Software Control

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EBC-A20 is a battery tester with charge and discharge function
Applicable to test the capacity of lithium and lead-acid (charging 5A, discharge 20A, maximum power 85W)
Support separate charge and discharge and charge-discharge-charge test
It may be connected to the computer, can repeatedly charge and discharge and has extended functions through online software
Note: it does not support Ni MH, Ni Cd charging and power test

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  • Model: EBC-A20

  • Power supply: DC19-20V, 3.5A or more

  • Voltage setting: Discaharge: 0.00-30.00V, the minimum step 0.01V

  • Charge: 0.00-18.00V, the minimum step 0.01V

  • Current setting: Discharge: 0.10-20.00A Minimum step 0.01A (Automatic limit current when power is overrun)

  • Charge: 0.10-5.00A Minimum step 0.01A (maximum current is affected by supply current)

  • Mode setting: DSC-CC: discharge current is constant, used to test battery capacity or supply current

  • DSC-CP discharge power is c onstant, used to simulate constant power equipment or test power

  • CHG-CV: constant current constant voltage charging, applicable to test lithium and lead-acid

  • Automatic charging & discharging: support automatic charging - discharge - charging mode, used to test battery capacity

  • Voltage test: 0.000-4.500V (low pressure) accuracy to 0.003V, error ±0.5%

  • 4.50V-30.00V(high presure) accuracy to 0.01V, error ± 0.5%

  • Current test: 0.10-20.00A, accuracy to 0.01A, error ± 0.5%

  • Capacity test: 10Ah, the resolution of 0.001Ah

  • 10Ah-100Ah, the resolution of 0.01Ah

  • above 100Ah, the resolution 0.1Ah

  • Connection: four-wire detection, voltage and current channel separate wiring, to ensure measurement accuracy

  • LCD display: voltage, current, capacity, time, power, energy test data

  • Computer Online: dedicated USB to TTL serial port (Mini USB port, not an ordinary USB cable) computer control,curve plotting, calibration benchmarking, firmware upgrade, cycle charge/discharge etc.

3. Connecting patterns
3.1 Battery connecting ports
On the front panel there are two aviation sockets where you can plug in cables.

3.2 Computer connection
The tester can be connected with a computer through a designated USB-TTL cable (Mini USB)
3.3 Input Power
The tester works on a power supply of DC 19-20V, 3.5A or above and interface specifcation of 5.5/2.1(inside positive and outside negative).

4, Precautions

  1. Positive and negative connections should not be reversed.

  2. Always use the tester within the allowed range.

  3. This model does not support NiMH, NiCd charge test and power supply adapter test. You can buy our EBC-A05 or EBC-A10H.  

  4. The Maximum discharge power is 85W, 4.2V can be 20A, 8.4V can be 10A, higher voltage less than 10A. 


  6. For batteries with a voltage higher than 10V, the maximum charging current should be lower than power current-0.5A.

  7. EB Tester Software and User Manual in English version will send by email if you need.

Delivery list:

  • 1 x EBC-A20 battery tester

  • 2 x Cables

  • 1 x USB to TTL cable

  • 1 x Power Supply Adapter


Ebc-A20 Battery Tester 30V 85W Lithium/Lead Acid Battery Capacity Tester Electronic Load Pc Software Control

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