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Diy Full-Color Rgb Glow Tube Clock Ds3231 Electronic Desktop Clock Kit Home Decoration Gift With Led Music Spectrum Fun

Diy Full-Color Rgb Glow Tube Clock Ds3231 Electronic Desktop Clock Kit Home Decoration Gift With Led Music Spectrum Fun

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>>>Click here to download the instruction. <<<

Note: There are "No need to solder" and "Need to solder " version.

No need to solder:The circuit board is already soldered,and only needs to be assembled.

Need to solder:All electronic components need to be soldered,and also need to be assembled.
The kit does not include CR2032 button batteries.


Different numbers are engraved on the transparent acrylic, and then the digital effect is refracted by the bright RGB lamp, which simulates the display effect of the fluorescent tube glow clock. Each number produces different gradient colors, forming rainbow colors and various aurora color effects. A side colored light effect is added at the bottom. There are a variety of time digital display transformation animation effects and multiple switching animations.
You can also enter the music spectrum bounce effect, place it horizontally at a 90-degree angle, and you can see the bounce music beam from the side.
The two functions can switch effects and set related setting items with two touch keys.

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Simulate glow clock effect;
Music spectrum display function;
Highlight RGB color lights;
High precision DS3231 clock chip;
Put in CR2032 backup battery to prevent loss of time data after power failure;
Touch button control;
Multiple color change effects;
Time, temperature, date and week multiple automatic switching effect display;
With alarm function;
Voice-activated wake-up function;
Various bottom side light effects;
Dark light automatically enters the low-brightness display function;
6-digit digital display color function can be customized;
A variety of time hour and half hour reminder animation special effects;
A variety of conversion effects displayed in seconds;
Countdown function;
Stopwatch function;
The speed of color change can be set;
Touch the key to pause the color change at any time;
Long press to switch between time mode and music spectrum mode;
Automatically save setting data when power off;
Multi-layer acrylic shell;
USB DC 5V power supply;
Overall size: 252mm*46mm*70mm;
Weight: 520g;


Long press the setting key (square icon) to switch: Clock mode function-Music spectrum display function;
Short press the setting button (square icon) to pause the color change;
Short press the switch button (triangular icon) to switch the color effect;
Color effect list:
1- Rainbow gradient effect;
2- Two grid cool color gradient effect;
3- Aurora color gradient effect;
4- Two grid rainbow gradient;
5- Full color gradient effect;
6- Two-cell Aurora color gradient effect
7- Cool aurora gradient effect;
8- Full color same color gradient effect;
9- Display custom colors;

In clock mode:

1: Press setting (square icon) + switch touch key (triangular icon) at the same time to enter or exit the menu;
2: Short touch the switch key (triangular icon) to switch:
[number 0] time setting-[number 1] date setting-[number 2] alarm setting-[number 3] format setting-[number 4] switching effect selection-[ Number 5] Switching duration setting-[Number 6] LED effect selection at the bottom-[Number 7] Switch automatic dimming function-[Number 8] Switch voice-activated wake-up function-[Number 9] Custom number color-[Number 10] Set the hourly and half-hourly chime animation effect-[Number 11] Set the second digital conversion effect-[Number 12] Countdown function-[Number 13] Stopwatch function-[Number 14] Set the color gradation speed-[Number 15]Test the quality of LED.
Short press the setting key (square icon) to enter the setting, and then use the switch key (triangular icon) to modify the parameter value.

Clock mode parameter setting:
【Number 0】Time setting:
Switch key (triangular icon) to modify the flashing parameter value, set key (square icon) to confirm the modification;
【Number1】Date setting:
The modification sequence is: year-month-day;
【Number 2】Alarm clock:
1- Turn on the alarm and enter the alarm time setting;
2- 0- Turn off the alarm
【Number 3】 Format setting (Format):
[0] (Hour format): 24-24 hour system mode; 12-12 hour system mode.
[1]: (Date format): 12-31: month-day mode; 31-12: day-month mode.
[2]: (temperature format): Celsius and Fahrenheit;
【Number 4】Switching effect selection:
0-[Only time display];
1- Sweeping effect from left to right;
2- Overall sweeping effect;
3- The middle to the two sides one by one lighting effect;
4- Light up the effect one by one from left to right;
5- Random sweep effect;
6-Sweeping effect from the middle to both sides;
(Note: The order of switching display is: time-temperature-date week)
【Number 5】Switching duration setting:
(5) Switch every 5 seconds;
(10) Switch every -10 seconds;
(30) Switch every -30 seconds;
(60) Switch every -60 seconds;
(5min) Switch every 5 minutes;
(10min) Switch every 10 minutes;
(15min) Switch every 15 minutes;
(30min) Switch every 30 minutes;
(60min) Switch every 60 minutes;
【Number 6】LED effect selection at the bottom:
0-[Turn off the bottom LED effect];
1- Rainbow color gradient;
2- Press the button to turn off the light;
3- Cool color gradient;
4- Candlelight color effect;
5- Aurora color gradient;
【Number 7】Switch automatic dimming function:
0- Turn off dark mode;
1- Turn on the automatic dark mode (when the ambient light is detected to be dark, it will automatically enter the low brightness mode);
【Number 8】Switch voice-activated wake-up function:
0- Turn off the voice-activated wake-up function;
1- Turn on the voice-activated wake-up function (tap the desktop or press any touch button to wake up);

【Number 9】Customize the color of the number:
Switch key (triangular icon) to modify the color value of the flashing number (a total of 17 colors), set key (square icon) to confirm the modified color and enter the color setting of the next number;
【Number 10】 Set the hourly and half-hourly chime animation effect:
0-[No conversion effect];
1- Sweeping effect;
2- Fading effect;
3- Mixing effect (the hourly chime enters the sweep effect, the half-hourly chime enters the fade effect);
【Number 11】Set the digital conversion effect of seconds:
0-[No transformation effect];
1- Digital progressive effect;
2- Digital breathing effect;
3- Mixed effect (automatically switch every day);
【Number 12】Countdown function:
Enter the minutes and seconds, press the set button (square icon) to start the countdown, the countdown ends the buzzer buzzer, and any touch key to exit the countdown;
【Number 13】Stopwatch function:
Press the switch button (triangle icon) to start timing, press again to pause timing, and press again to reset the timer (maximum timing is 99 minutes, 60 seconds, and 990 milliseconds).
Switch key function cycle: start timing-pause timing-timing reset;
Press the set button (square icon) to exit the stopwatch function;
【Number 14】Set the color gradient speed:
Seven level settings 1-7: from fast to slow;
【Number 15】Test the quality of LED:
Press the switch key (triangular icon) to switch the test color. A total of three colors of red, green and blue are tested.
Press the set key (square icon) to exit the test.

In music spectrum mode:

Short press the setting key (square icon) to pause the color change at any time, so that the favorite color can be displayed fixedly;
Short press the switch key (triangle icon) to switch between different color gradient effects;
Enter the music spectrum mode, you only need to put out the music playback device (mobile phone, speaker, MP3 player, etc.) to display the music spectrum bounce effect, the effect is better when placed on the back of the microphone


Diy Full-Color Rgb Glow Tube Clock Ds3231 Electronic Desktop Clock Kit Home Decoration Gift With Led Music Spectrum Fun

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