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Deerma Dem-F323w Air Humidifier 5L Capacity Transperent Ultrasonic Welding Water-Stortage Protection Air Purifying Eu V

Deerma Dem-F323w Air Humidifier 5L Capacity Transperent Ultrasonic Welding Water-Stortage Protection Air Purifying Eu V

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Deerma Crystal Humidifier

Eliminate Dryness with New Technologies

Humidify with Heavy Fog and Transform Dryness into Humidity

Crystal-like transparent gray body Artistic humidifier

Different from humidifiers in other colors that are gorgeous and bright, or those that are black and white, the Deerma Crystal Humidifier is gray, introverted and compatible with the surrounding environment.

Besides, the crystal-like transparent tank can hold some small items you like, so as to make humidifying more interesting.

For your health in the season

Transform dryness into humidity to bring you comfort for the whole day

Inspired by the circle, it is so inclusive that it can hold your smart ideas and humidity for the autumn, thus helping you say farewell to the autumn dryness and experience the best autumn season.

Add fresh fruits foraromaThe fragrance of autumn reaches you in the most pleasant wayd

The autumn days are dry and tiresome.

Why not adding some fresh fruits for aroma, so that the air is filled with mist with fruit fragrance, which is both refreshing and humidifying. Just find the new methods of humidifying by showing our imagination and smart thinking.

Variable fog tuneJust tune to bring humidity

Are you still humidifying the air level by level? Deerma Crystal Humidifier uses the convenient tune control. You can just tune to produce the abundant fog and mist, and its amount can be adjusted freely.

Ultrasonic seamlessly-welded tank Good-looking, robust and leak-free

To improve the appearance and durability of Deerma Crystal Humidifier, in the juncture between the transparent tank and the bottom, it adopts the ultrasonic seamless-welding technology to replace the original glue approach, so as to ensure the humidifier is leak-free.

5L capacity tankHumidify all day and all night

5L capacity is equivalent to 20 bottles of 250ML mineral water .

By replenishing the tank, it can last one day and one night, without adding water frequently.

1~5μm mist without producing water s

Deeply replenish water to nourish the skin

Deerma Crystal Humidifier adopts the porcelain atomizing film, which can transform the fog and mist into micrometer-level particles via high-frequency oscillation, thus avoiding the condensation of water s and moisturizing the skin deeply.

High and low-pressure fog duct design

The fog rises high and far without making the table wet

The high and low-pressure fog duct design, which is wide in the upper part and narrow in the lower part, together with the turbo air duct, uses the air pressure difference to accelerate the outlet of micrometer fog, so that the fog erupts robustly in the beam, without falling down easily to make the table wet.

38dB* tranquil humidifying

Work silently to safeguard your sleep

The tranquility features makes the working sound as low as 38dB.

It just works silently without disturbing you when you are reading, studying, working, taking a nap or sleeping at night.*The data are obtained from routine testing in Deerma laboratory

NO.1 Remove the water tankGently lift the tank up

NO.2 Unscrew the cap Turn and unscrew the lid of the tank

NO.3 Add water to the tankAdd water to the inlet

NO.4 Tighten the lid and install the tank Tighten the lid and install the tank in place

NO.5 A key to open Press the button to open after power in connect


Deerma Dem-F323w Air Humidifier 5L Capacity Transperent Ultrasonic Welding Water-Stortage Protection Air Purifying Eu V

You save $11.00 (13%)
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