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Colorful Led Tower Display Lamp Infrared Remote Control Electronic Diy Kits Music Spectrum Soldering Kits Diy Brain-Tra

Colorful Led Tower Display Lamp Infrared Remote Control Electronic Diy Kits Music Spectrum Soldering Kits Diy Brain-Tra

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1. Introduction
LED Tower is imitated from Guangzhou Tower. Guangzhou Tower, also known as Guangzhou new TV tower, nickname Xiaoman Yao. It is the tallest building in Guangzhou, the design of the tower is very characteristic, especially in the night under the lighting decoration, it is beautiful, Now become a landmark in Guangzhou. How can such a beautiful building can not let people heart. We combined with the single-chip micro-chip display technology, we can make the beauty of the Guangzhou Tower. We use STC12C5A60S2 as a control system, the display part is 16*16 dot matrix display, through the production of the Guangzhou Tower, can better enhance the microcontroller on the principle of dot matrix display.


Lamp bead type: 3mm (multiple color lamp options)
Product size: 78*78m*450mm
Working voltage: 5V USB power supply
Circuit board material: double-sided 1.6mmRF-4 sheet
Driver chip: STC15F2K16S2 single-chip microcomputer driver, voice control spectrum (for voice control spectrum function, you need to purchase a voice control module)
Animation effects: 30 kinds of animation effects, 6 kinds of normal spectrum animation, 1 kind of mixed spectrum animation.
Number of lamp beads: about 270
Audio cable: 3.5mm audio cable
Control method: infrared remote control

1>. 16*16 led lattice design
2>.A variety of modes can be freely converted:
  ----Offline animation mode(More than a dozen)
  ----Music spectrum mode(Flash with music)
3>.Plug-in components used to make high success rate
4>.Give some code(The default code inside the chip, the function is more abundant,So please do not update the code inside arbitrarily)
5>.USB power audio line

1>.Home Furnishing decoration
2>.Store decoration
3>.Graduation design
4>.Practice for electronic enthusiasts
5>.Holiday gifts


6.Component listing

7. Remote Description

If you need the corresponding voice control module, please click here!

The picture below is the effect of installing the shell (you need to buy the case additionally if you need the case)
If you need more leds for the guangzhou tower, please click the below pic.
The newly upgraded Guangzhou Tower DIY kit APP version has Bluetooth + WiFi function. Please contact us if necessary.
Guangzhou Tower (APP version) DIY kit introduction:
1. Offline animations are increased to 20, 6+1 spectrum modes, each animation has been carefully designed and debugged, and the effect is very dazzling.
2. The WiFi module and Bluetooth module have been carefully designed and debugged on the PCB board, and the linear transmission distance can reach 10-20 meters.
3. The mobile phone is connected to Bluetooth, and the mobile phone can be used to play music with the audio. After connecting with WiFi, you can use the dedicated APP to operate.
4. It is powered by a universal DC power cord, which is more convenient to use. The power cord is 1 meter long and can be placed on the desktop at will.
5. Dimensions: 83mm×80mm×500mm,
Shell size: 89mm×86mm×530mm


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Colorful Led Tower Display Lamp Infrared Remote Control Electronic Diy Kits Music Spectrum Soldering Kits Diy Brain-Tra

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