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Cartoon Cute Astronaut Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Perfume Aroma Diffuser With Night Light Mist For Home Car Purifier Hum

Cartoon Cute Astronaut Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Perfume Aroma Diffuser With Night Light Mist For Home Car Purifier Hum

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2.USB cable*1


Magical use of humidifier

Humidifiers are used to moisten the air and create a more comfortable indoor environment. Generally used in autumn and winter. Because the air is dry in autumn and winter, using a humidifier is good for your body and your skin.
Humidifier Magical Uses:
. Adding Banlangen granules, Houttuynia cordata injection or antiviral oral liquid in a ratio of 1:20 to the humidifier water tank can effectively prevent influenza.
2. Add a few s of vinegar to the humidifier, which can sterilize.
3. Add a few s of toilet water to the humidifier to relieve nasal congestion in children.
4. Add lavender essential oil to the humidifier to improve sleep quality.
5. Humidification in the room can prevent the wooden furniture from being deformed, and the wall will not crack after just brushing.
6. Add 3 or 4 s of lemon essential oil to the water tank, which can regulate female skin and whiten it.
7. Adding light salt water to the water tank can relieve sore throat and chronic pharyngitis.
8. Turn on the humidifier when cutting onions to avoid tears.
9. Put a humidifier next to the computer to remove static electricity.
10. During the humidification process, stocking a few goldfish in the water tank can beautify the room


(Moon Exploration)
(Looking for water to moisturize)
√ Oversized spray √ Space crowd play √ Atmosphere gradient light

O Pressed Pears

Fun trendy play The door of the lunar probe can be opened to let astronauts "land on the moon"

Stressful, moisturizing and relaxing together

cute doll open desirable

big spray not leaking

personality design

Ambient Light

just right

Lunar probe humidifier Fun spaceman

Open the cabin, take out the astronaut,
Interesting and worth collecting

Enable colorful flash Ambient Light

Lighting the way to lunar exploration

Ambient lights that make you passionate

Lunar cruise breathing light

water from the moon big fine mist

High-floating water mist, spreads far away and does not wet the table

humidification area in spray

Easy to water, easy to install

Cool charging design Guaranteed to complete the task

Power station, very trendy

Wonderful tide play ingenious

Men's and women's matching, sincere gifts

Paired successfully

meet and fall in love

Tilt and watertight

Moisturizing without overflowing

"Cute Doll"

treat each other with courtesy

Make products more interesting lunar probe humidifier

Please put coins and seize the opportunity.


product name:Humidifier-USB
Product model:MJ046
Product material:ABS+transparent PC+silicone
Product color:white/light purple
Product Size:110*110*119mm
product weight:268g
Water capacity:220ML
Night light:colorful flash
Product power:1.5-2W
Interface Type:Type-C
Input Power:DC5V/1A
Atomizer frequency:108Hz
Spray volume:About 40ML/H
The principle of atomizer:Ultrasound


Cartoon Cute Astronaut Air Humidifier Ultrasonic Perfume Aroma Diffuser With Night Light Mist For Home Car Purifier Hum

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