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Bt-S3 1200M Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Headsets Intercom For Riders Wireless Intercomunicador Interphone Mp3 Fm

Bt-S3 1200M Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Headsets Intercom For Riders Wireless Intercomunicador Interphone Mp3 Fm

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BT-S3 1200M Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Headsets Intercom for Riders Wireless Intercomunicador Interphone MP3 FM


We package have 2 kinds of earphones microphones

Soft Microphone: For Full Face Helmet / Integral Helmet;

Hard Microphone: For Open / Half Face Helmet.

Please choose the model you want.

Product Descriptions:

The Inter Phone is a Bluetooth Headset designed for the motorcycle rider and passenger who wish to have clear and reliable wireless communications while riding. This headset is compatible with Bluetooth cellular phones and can be suited to any sort of helmet for motorcyclists.

BT-S3 Intercom Features

1. Automatic answerning function

2. Enjoy the music

3. Bluetooth Helmet Hands free

4. All Weather Water Resistant

Main Features :

(1) Wireless headset for bluetooth enable cell phone at a range of up to 10 meters.

Bike-to-bike intercom for rider & passenger or two separate bikes up to 800-1000 meters.

up to 10 hours talk time when connected to cell phone.

up to 8 hours talk time when using the intercom feature.

up to 300 hours standby.

(2) Call out, call answer, call reject, call hang up.

(3) Receive a cell phone call automatically.

(4) Support audio transfer

(5) Suppor the last number redialing.

(6) FM Radio function

(7) Enjoy the cell phone music through A2DP or connect GPS

(8) Control cell phone music through AVRCP : forward, backward, play, pause.

(9) Automatic switching among bluetooth cell phone, intercom , stereo music.

(10) with DSP echo cencellation and noise suppression technology, crystal clear voice quality is guaranteed in a high speed.

(11) Button panel is water-proof and sun-proof , while the design is druable.

(12) Audio cable to connect MP3 , GPS , Walkie-talkie and so on.

Please Note:
It can support Max 3 units.intercom

Technical  Specifications:

Bluetooth  version: 3.0+EDR

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Supports: A2DP  and AVRCP

Supported  Bluetooth  Profiles: Bluetooth  Headset  and  Hands free  Profiles  with  Automatic  Detection

Operating   Range:  Up to 10m for  cellphones

Battery  Type:  Rechargeable  Lithium  Polymer 450mAh

Stand  by:  Up  to  300hrs

Talk  time:   Phone  up  to  10hours   Intercom  up  to  8 hours

Charging   Time: 3hours

Power  Adaptor: DC5V  500mA

Features descritpion:

can be realized Bluetooth helmet headset with helmet headset 800 meters (Or 800-1000 meters) meters of direct full-duplex intercom;

can be achieved Bluetooth and cellular phones, intercom calls, stereo music and automatic switching between them;

mobile phone first, calls automatically switch to the mobile phone to answer calls, hang up automatically after recovery intercom;

FM Radio function

can be accessed by telephone, refused to telephone and hang up;

support for voice switching;

through the transmission over A2DP to enjoy the music through mobile phones or connected GPS;

can be controlled via mobile phone music AVRCP play, pause, previous song, next song played;

there are rumors DSP noise reduction and processing, high-speed exercise to ensure a clear call quality;

To Pair 2 devices in intercom mode

When both devices are turned off, press and hold the power /intercom button on both devices until both units flash red/blue repeatedly. You need to hold the button for more than 6 seconds and dont let go when you see the blue light.

Short press the power /intercom button on ONE of the two devices and this device will search and auto-pair to the other in intercom mode. A live call will be initiated.(Intercom will start)

If this fails retry it ensuring both red/blue light sequences are initiated simultaneously and are close together. Also ensure any other Bluetooth devices are turned off.

When paired, you do not need to go into pairing mode again. In future you only need to go into standby mode (blue light flashing) on both units and press the button on one of the devices.

To Pair 3 devices in intercom mode:

Follow the above procedure for each combination of the three units. (A-B, B-C, A-C).

Ensure the third unit is switched off when pairing the other two devices.

Only 1 connection can be live at a time. When successfully paired the connections can be switched by ending any live call and returning to standby.

From Standby press the power/intercom button 1 time for one of the pairings to be called, or long press(about 2 seconds) for the other pairing to be called.

The pairing for 1 or 2 presses will depend on the sequence in which you paired the 3 helmets, but once paired the relevant pairings will maintain the number.

i.e. A will press the power/intercom button 1 time to call B and long press(about 2seconds)to call C. B will press the button 1 time to call C and long press(about 2seconds) to call A. C will press the button 1 time to call A and long pesee(about 2seconds) call C.

To Reset the pairing memory:

If you have problems pairing, then it is best to reset the pairing memory

Turn on the relevant unit into standby mode. Press the power/intercom button for 3-5 seconds till a dudu” can be heard.

Let go of the button when the tone is heard.(The unit will turn off)

Restart, the memory will be erased. (Repair again)

To Start FM radion

After turn the unit on, Press Phone button  for 2 times (till hear du” tone), let go of the button, FM radion will start.

Short press:”+” or - button you can adjust the channel.

When FM radio start,Press Phonge button for 2Times,FM will end up(stop).

Packing List:

1/2 x BT-S3 BT Helmet Headset

1/2 x Headset clip&Fastening Screws

1/2 x Screw driver

1/2 x USB Cable

1/2 x User Manual

1/2 x Audio Cable


Bt-S3 1200M Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Headsets Intercom For Riders Wireless Intercomunicador Interphone Mp3 Fm

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