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Bm560 Bm580 6V 12V Battery Capacity Tester Analyzer 100-2000Cca 2-220Ah Soc Soh Cranking/Charging/Load/Voltage Test Au

Bm560 Bm580 6V 12V Battery Capacity Tester Analyzer 100-2000Cca 2-220Ah Soc Soh Cranking/Charging/Load/Voltage Test Au

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BM560 BM580 6V 12V Battery Capacity Tester

OBDResource BM560/BM580 is mainly targeted to analyze the battery healthy status to calculate the actual cold cranking, capability of the battery and the aging extent, which provide reliable analysis evidence for the test and maintenance of the battery.
BM560/BM580 notifies the users to replace battery in advance when the battery getting aged.

BM580 VS BM560 VS KW650

2.4 Inch TFT color Screen; with voltmeter; work normal even if the positive and negative connection incorrect.

1.8 Inch TFT color Screen, device and battery won't be damaged when the positive and negative connection incorrect.

Wide Range Of Applications of BM560 BM580 6V 12V Battery Capacity Tester

BM560/BM580 can test 6V/12V batteries, suitable for a variety of common models and equipment, one machine for multiple purposes.

Quadruple Protection Of BM560 BM580 6V 12V Battery Capacity Tester

【Overvoltage Input Protection】
Below 20V, it can be tested at will without damage the bad internal circuit board has a short circuit.
【Reverse Protection】
The positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly, the device and battery won't be damaged, BM580 is work normal.
【Poor Contact Prompt】
When the test clip does not clamp the positive and negative electrodes of the batter, the display will prompt.
【Built-in Buzzer to Remind】
During the test, when the battery is in poor condition, the device will give an audible reminder.

Does your battery need to be replaced?

There are more and more on-board electrical appliances, and the requirements for battery capacity and quality are getting higher and higher. Can your battery still support it?

Multiple Functions In One Battery Capacity Tester

The four functions can be switched at will to help you quickly detect the battery status of your car.
【Battery Test】 Life / Voltage / CCA / Internal resistance
【Start-up Test/Cranking Test】Battery discharge performance
【Load Test】 Engine performance
【Charging Test】 Engine charging system

Advantages of BM560 BM580 6V 12V Battery Capacity Tester

1. In / Out Of Vehicle Tests

Prevent battery failure check battery status anytime & anywhere. the perfect backup device in your repair box.

2. Reversible Access -BM580

BM580 Battery Tester hars a protection function, BM580 is wroking too, even if the positive and negative polarity is wrong.

3. Voltage Waveform Monitoring

Monitor the battery status in real time, understand the current floating size of the battery voltage, and have automatic storage and playback functions.

4. Support Multiple Battery Types

It supports a variety of battery standards around the world, can test almost all car start-up lead-acid batteries, and has a wide range of applications.
●EPS lead-acid battery;
●Car start battery;
●AGM / EFB start-stop
battery ;
●Electric vehicle battery ;
●UPS lead-acid battery ;
●Gel battery

Note: UPS battery/electric vehicle battery/motorcycle battery can only measure internal resistance/power/voltage, not battery life.

5. Low Frequency Constant Current Test

Give the battery a fixed frequency and current test signal, sample, rectify, and filter its voltage, and then calculate the internal resistance of the battery.

6. Ten Major Test Standards:GB (2AH - 220AH )

Geometry supports all current common battery standards, and a wide range of tests can meet your various needs.
●GB (2AH - 220AH ) Important breakthrough
●JIS (26A17 - 245H52 )
●CCA (100 - 2000 )
●IEC (100 - 1400 )
●EN (100 - 2000 )
●DIN (100 - 1400 )
●CA (100 - 2000 )
●BCI (100 - 2000 )
●MCA (100 - 2000 )
●SAE (100 - 2000 )

7. HD Color Screen

High-definition TFT LCD screen display, will not appear ordinary LCD lack of characters and broken strokes, etc., with backlight function.

8. Ripple Test

Test the charging system of the engine, the smaller the waveform fluctuation, the more stable the voltage, indicating that the battery is in good condition.

Note: If the test result is normal, the battery is charged normally. If the voltage reading is greater than 15.0V , please check the voltage regulator; if the voltage reading is less than 13.3V, Please check the connection points, wires and engine.

9. Screenshot Function

It has a one-click screen capture function with long press "Up" and " Down" button., which is used to capture and save important data, fast and convenient.

( Note: The device can store up to 10 pictures )

10. Mini USB Interface- Free Update Lifetime

It is used for software upgrade, no need to install driver, the process is simple and easy to operate.

11. Multi-Language Available

English French Russian German Italian Japanese Spanish Portuguese Polish Chinese

12. Use High Quality Wire

Selected high-quality environmentally friendly materials, good elasticity, not easy to break, tough and durable.

13. Pure Copper Alligator Clip

Large opening range, strong bite force, more precise in the measurement process

Packing List:

1pc * Packaging Box
1pc * Battery Tester With Alligator Clip
1pc * English User Manual


Bm560 Bm580 6V 12V Battery Capacity Tester Analyzer 100-2000Cca 2-220Ah Soc Soh Cranking/Charging/Load/Voltage Test Au

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