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Black Fireplace Fan 6 Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan Log Wood Burner Eco Friendly Quiet Chimenea Fan Home Heat Distribut

Black Fireplace Fan 6 Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan Log Wood Burner Eco Friendly Quiet Chimenea Fan Home Heat Distribut

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1. Thermal Power: The fireplace fan is driven by the heat provided by your fireplace or wood-burning stove without power supply, which can bring greater comfort and reduce the use of stove wood by 28%. Distribute heat more efficiently and save fuel, which is environmental.

2. 6 Blades: With larger air volume, the upgraded 6 blades will circulate more warm air (maximum380CFM) throughout your house, which is very suitable for full-size rooms. Just put it on top of the stove and when the surface of the stove gets hot, the fireplace fan will work.

3. Working Temperature: The stove fan automatically rotates between 50°C (122°F) and 340°C (644°F). The hotter the stove and the faster the fan spins, the warmer the air your house gets. The included electromagnetic thermometer can monitor the temperature of the stove.

4. Overheat Protection: When the temperature is higher than 644°F, the metal plate at the bottom of the fan will protect the stove fan. The anodized aluminum material protects the fan from rust and corrosion.

5. Longer Service Life: The fan base is equipped with a bimetallic safety device, which will gradually lift the front of the fan to protect the TEG and motor.


Flat loan weight: about 800G Flat loan size:
Wall-mounted model weight: about 850G Wall-mounted model size:

Material: aluminum alloy profile
Number of blades: 6
Air volume CFM: 180-210
Motor speed: 750-1050rpm
Noise: ≦35db
Color: black/iron gray/gold/rose red/scarlet/silver/bronze/blue
Start-up temperature: 65℃-85℃
Optimum working temperature: 100°C-250°C
Maximum temperature: 350°C
Pipe size of wall-mounted version: the smoke pipe diameter size is available to 5, 6, 7 inch.
6-blade wall-mounted product size: about 180mm*130mm*155mm/7.09*5.12*6.10inch (width*depth*height)
6-blade standing model product size: about 180*100*195mm/7.09*3.94*7.68 inch(width*depth*height)
User's guide:
1. If you own a fireplace or wood-burning stove and want more heat in the entire house, but don’t want to spend more on electricity, then all you have to do is buy this amazing heat fireplace stove fan.
2. No battery or electricity required: The thermal wood stove fan generates energy by converting the heat generated by the stove into electric energy, and the power generation unit converts the heat energy into kinetic energy to drive the motor, and then the blades rotate.
3. When the furnace temperature reaches 122°F, the fan starts to spin. The hotter the fan base, the faster the fan rotates, and the more air the fan enters the room. As the fireplace cools, it slows down and stops.
4. Multifunctional stove fan: Suitable for all catalytic/non-catalytic stoves/fireplaces, such as gas, electric, pellet stove, log burner or wood burning stove.
5. Simple to use: Place the stove fan on a smooth and flat surface on the top of the stove, near the side or back of the stove. The stove fan needs to be placed at least 4" away from the stove. When the stove surface becomes hot, it can work.
6. Overheating protection: The bimetal strip at the bottom of the fan base prevents the wood stove fan from being damaged due to high temperatures (over 644°F).

Packing List:
1*Fireplace Fan
1*English Manual


Black Fireplace Fan 6 Blade Heat Powered Stove Fan Log Wood Burner Eco Friendly Quiet Chimenea Fan Home Heat Distribut

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