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Battery Tester 12V Konnwei Kw208 Car Battery Tester 100-2000Cca Battery Analyzer Charging Test Cranking Test Pk Kw650

Battery Tester 12V Konnwei Kw208 Car Battery Tester 100-2000Cca Battery Analyzer Charging Test Cranking Test Pk Kw650

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KW208 green screen and white screen are shipped randomly (their functions are the same, just the screen display is different)

Battery Tester 12V KONNWEI KW208 Car Battery Tester 100-2000CCA Battery Analyzer Charging Test Cranking Test PK ANCEL BST100

Brief introduction of konnwei kw208 battery tester

KONNWEI KW208 12V car battery tester is able to effectively analyze and read important car data such as voltage, internal resistance, cold cranking amp and AH capacity, battery health and charge status. It provides accurate results, calculates the cold cranking capability of the battery and the aging extent, allowing for a quicker, more precise car repairing.Test results display in both text and graphing, but the realtime battery voltage showing in a waveform.With an intelligent 2.4” Eye protection screen and STM32 main chip, reading access is practical and rapid! Lifetime update service is supported by KONNWEI BTlink app.

Have you encountered these problems?

1.Can not start the car
2.Unsteady engine idling
3.The power system is not working properly

KONNWEI KW208 support battery types

Easy to use battery tester

Whether the battery is in the car or not. You only need to insert the pliers in the positive and negative poles of the battery to check the battery health

KW208 battery tester key functions and features:

1.System voltage: 12 Volts

2.Test Result: Good, Recharge or Replace

3.Capacity - Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating.

4.Internal resistance value (mΩ)

5.Life in percentage (%)

6.Cranking system

7.Charging system

8.Voltage test in waveform

9.Record and re-play battery data, Life-time free update service

10.Battery test, cranking test, charging test and other additional functions.

Cranking Test

The cranking test is used to test and analyze the actual required cranking current and cranking voltage to check the starting motor works properly or not. The test result displays cranking time, voltage, and status. If the stating malfunction may cause an increased starting loaded torque; or rotor friction of the starting motor generates increasing friction of the starting motor itself.

Charging Test

Charging test is used to check and analyze the charging system (generator, rectifier, rectifier diode, etc.) status, displays load voltage, unloaded voltage, ripple status, charging system status, thus to find out whether the output voltage of the generator is normal, the rectifier diode works properly or not, which avoids damaging the battery and shortening its life greatly due to overcharging or incomplete charging.

Konnwei KW208 12V car battery teater Specifications

1.Display: Green Color Screen

2.System Voltage:12 Volts

3.Input Voltage Range:8V-16V

4.Power Requirements: No internal batteries required.

5.Power on when hooked up during testing.

6.Operating Temperature:0℃-50℃

7.Storage Temperature:-20℃-70℃

Support 8 Languages :

English, German, French, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Italian ,Portuguese

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KEY Description

Package list:(Random delivery in packaging)

1*KONNWEI KW208 Car battery tester

1*User’s Manual

1* Colorful Box


Battery Tester 12V Konnwei Kw208 Car Battery Tester 100-2000Cca Battery Analyzer Charging Test Cranking Test Pk Kw650

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