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Ancel Bst100 Car Battery Tester 12V 2000Cca Multilingual Car Quick Battery Cranking Charging Test Professional Analyzer

Ancel Bst100 Car Battery Tester 12V 2000Cca Multilingual Car Quick Battery Cranking Charging Test Professional Analyzer

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ANCEL BST100 Car Battery Tester 12V 2000CCA Multilingual Battery Test Tool for Car Quick Cranking Charging test Battery Analyzer

It used for lead-acid starting battery, along with checking the following conditions of the battery, starting up, charging, and loading


1.Identify battery status Good or Replace 2.Check Battery Capacity - Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), DIN, EN and IEC information relative to battery rating. 3.Check Internal resistance value (Ohm) 4.Display battery life in percentage (%) 5.Battery Cranking Test, load test 6.Battery Charging Test, Ripple Test 7.Support battery ripple test and review test data

BST100 12V Battery Tester Features

1.Fast and smooth running speed with STM-32 chip set hardware

2.Accurate test results, using high precision amplifier and calibrated by professional battery testing tool, BST100 reading accuracy up to 99%.

3.Wide testing range cover from CCA 100- 2000 , 3- 220 AH, best in the market.

4.Industry initiative graphical battery voltage real time monitoring, can be analysis battery data more accurate.

5.Unique battery results display in percentage and meter mode.

6.Test all automotive cranking lead acid battery, including ordinary lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, and Gel battery, etc.

7.Polarity reverse connection protection, reverse connection will not damage the tester or affect the vehicle and battery.

8.Directly test the battery with loss of electricity, no need to full charge before testing.

9.Testing standards include currently the world's majority of battery standards, CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, GB.

10.BST100 is used to test a wide range of 12V batteries (Starting [SLI], Deep Cycled and Marine) of Wet (Flooded), VRLA or Maintenance Free (MF), Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF), Absorption Glass Mat (AGM) and GEL EPB cell

BST100 12V Battery Tester Details

Advantages of this method:

(1) It can be used for checking almost all the batteries including low capacity battery and internal resistance of the notebook battery exclusively. (2) It will not harm the battery by using this method.

FQA 1. What is the measurement principle of this tester?

The battery will gradually be aged with an increase in time. The main reason is that it can no longer generate some effectively chemical reaction because of the aging of the surface of the battery plate. International Electric and Electronic Engineer Association(IEEE) formally looks the Conductivity Test as one of the standards of checking lead-acid storage batteries. It points out from IEEE standard 1118-1996 that: Conductivity Test is used to test AC current generated by putting the known frequency and amplitude AC signal to both sides of the battery. AC conductivity value is the ratio of AC current signal which keeps the same phase with AC voltage and the AC voltage. This tester is designed from this principle actually.

FQA 2. Is the result affected by the installation of negative current for the vehicle?

All the negative currency will affect the result. Therefore please remove the negative currency before checking, to achieve the accurate data.



Ancel Bst100 Car Battery Tester 12V 2000Cca Multilingual Car Quick Battery Cranking Charging Test Professional Analyzer

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