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20Pcs Solid Capacitor Motherboard 2.5V 3V 6.3V 7.5V 10V 16V 20V 25V 35V 50V 100Uf 270Uf 470Uf Graphics Card Solid Capa

20Pcs Solid Capacitor Motherboard 2.5V 3V 6.3V 7.5V 10V 16V 20V 25V 35V 50V 100Uf 270Uf 470Uf Graphics Card Solid Capa

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20PCS Solid Capacitor Motherboard 2.5V 3V 6.3V 7.5V 10V 16V 20V 25V 35V 50V 100UF 270UF 470UF Graphics Card Solid Capacitor


Product Brand: JCCON

Product name: Plug-in solid electrolytic capacitor

Shape: Cylindrical

Lead type: radial lead wire

Adjustment method: fixed

Allowable deviation: +20%

Product Advantages:

1. High stability

2. Long life

3. Low ESR and high rated ripple current

Product introduction: The dielectric of liquid electrolytic capacitors is liquid electrolyte, and the liquid particles are in

It is very active at high temperature, and generates pressure inside the capacitor. Its boiling point is not very high, so

There may be a burst of pulp.

Solid-state capacitors use polymer dielectrics. At high temperatures, solid particles are less active than liquid electrolytes, whether they are swelling or active, and their boiling point is as high as 350 degrees Celsius, so the possibility of bursting is almost impossible. In theory, it is almost impossible for solid capacitors to burst.

Ultra-Low ESR & High Ripple Current

Load life of 2000 hours at 105°C

Compliant to the RoHS directive (201 1/65/EU)

Suitable for DC -DC Converter, Voltage Regulators, Motherboard, Server Board,VGA

Packgae Include:

20Pcs/Lot x Solid Capacitor

Color: As your choice!!

Quantity: As your choice!!

(We have a lot of Stocks,if you need more, please contact us.)

2.5V820UF 6x8mm

2.5V1200UF 6.3x8mm

3V820UF 6x8mm

6.3V220UF 5x6mm

6.3V270UF 5x7mm

6.3V330UF 5x8mm

6.3V330UF 5x9mm

6.3V470UF 5.5x9mm

6.3V470UF 5.5x10mm

6.3V470UF 6.3x6mm

6.3V470UF 6.3x8mm

6.3V560UF 6.3x8mm

6.3V680UF 6.3x8mm

6.3V820UF 5.5x11mm

6.3V820UF 6.3x9mm

6.3V820UF 6.3x11mm

6.3V1000UF 6.3x10mm

6.3V1000UF 6.3x11mm

6.3V1000UF 8x8mm

6.3V1500UF 6.3x15mm

6.3V1500UF 8x11.5mm

6.3V1500UF 10x12.5mm

6.3V2200UF 10x12mm

6.3V3300UF 10x16mm

6.3V1000UF 8x12mm

7.5V390UF 5x9mm

7.5V500UF 5x9mm

7.5V600UF 5.5x9mm

10V470UF 6.3x8mm

10V1000UF 8x12mm

12V330UF 5x9mm

16V100UF 6.3x8mm

16V180UF 4x9mm

16V180UF 4x11mm

16V330UF 5.5x10mm

16V220UF 6.3x8mm

16v270uf 6.3x8mm

16V470UF 5x11mm

16V470UF 8x11.5mm

16V680UF 8x12mm

16V1000UF 10x12.5mm

16V1200UF 8x16mm


25V47UF 6x7mm

25V470UF 6.3x15mm

25V680UF 8x13mm

25V680UF 8x16mm

25V820UF 8x16mm

35V47UF 6x5mm

35V100UF 6.3x8mm

35V220UF 8x12mm

35V470UF 8x16mm

35V470UF 8x12mm

About FAQ:

1. Q: I dont receive my packages,what should I do?

A: Pls contact with us through message firstly.We will help you and arrange inspection our processing link. At the same time,you need check your shipping address and whether the payment is successful.Also if you are convenient,pls check with the post office nearby.

2. Q: Can you sell wholesale price?

A: Yes,if your order above 5 sets one time.You can contact with us.

3. Q: What should I do when I receive a wrong model product?

A: Please check carefully whether the received product is same as what you ordered. If you receive a wrong product, damaged product, or partial shipment of your order, please immediately contact the store to obtain after-sales support. We apologize for the inconvenience to you in case anything happens like this.

4. Q: What should I do when there is a quality problem of the product?

A: Whether you use JCCON products first time or you are JCCON products enthusiast, If the product has any use or technical problems, please contact us as soon as possible, we will show you the use process of the product and solve the operational problems, please don't worry.

About Feedback:

If you are satisfied with our product,you can give us 5 stars feedback and show your beautiful pictures.Thank you so much!


20Pcs Solid Capacitor Motherboard 2.5V 3V 6.3V 7.5V 10V 16V 20V 25V 35V 50V 100Uf 270Uf 470Uf Graphics Card Solid Capa

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