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20000Ma Car Jump Starter 600A Car Battery Booster Charger 12V Starting Device Petrol Diesel Car Starter Buster

20000Ma Car Jump Starter 600A Car Battery Booster Charger 12V Starting Device Petrol Diesel Car Starter Buster

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Supports QC3.0 fast charging.

Stable voltage, current, balance charge function.

Class A cell, safe and explosion protective.

Upgrade 4 cell and start strongly.

600A Peak current.

20000mAh Large Capacity.

Diesel 5.0L, gasoline 6.0L car can be used.

Reverse connection protection.

4 USB charging.

Full power can be started 30 times.

Support 18W phone fast charge.

Limit temperature -40 ~  80°C.

Intelligent Protection System.

The charging head of the product is European Plug.

Night emergency, Rescue lighting:

1. Built-in glare lighting system.

2. Double click to enter,red and blue flashes,double click again to exit.

3.Long press the middle button for 3 seconds.

Press again in burst mode.

4. After turning on the flashlight,press the switch again to become a flash,the switch is the distress mode.


1.Insert the clip into the power start clip,it is recommended ti display more than two battery levels.

2.The red clip (+) is connect to the positive electrode,the black clip(-) is connected to the negative electrode.

3.get into the car and start on the car 

4.remove the clip .the start is complete!

Tips :

It is recommended to remove the clip within 30 second.


1: It takes about 3 hours for the product to be fully charged. Turn ON first and then charge the product.

2: when starting the car, you need to turn the switch to OFF before starting the car.

3: our car power supply has the difference between the peak value 400A and the peak value 600A. The product with a peak value of 400A is 40C, which can start gasoline-powered car with a displacement below 4.0. The doubling of peak 600A is 60C. Can start diesel vehicles with a displacement of less than 6.0 gasoline-powered car and a displacement of less than 2.0. (Except cars with aging engines.)

5: The product is not used for a long time. It is recommended to charge it once every 3 months.

6: The product needs to be placed at room temperature, which is beneficial to the service life of the product.

Special precautions for using mobile power:

1. When starting the car, insert the blue plug tightly and into place, otherwise the effect will be affected.

2. When starting the car, the blue power indicator should be more than 60%, which can prolong the service life of the product.

3. If the car cannot start, do not force it to start. Check whether the battery clip is properly clamped and whether the original car battery terminal is rusty and dirty. Continue to start after cleaning.

4. In the process of starting, if the vehicle cannot start all the time (1-2 times), do not force to continue starting, and further check whether there are other faults, otherwise, the fuse will be burned and the starting power supply will be damaged.

5: when starting the car, the clip port has been used to use air pump and other on-board electrical appliances, the switch needs to be turned OFF.

6: our car power supply uses different styles of 400A and 600A. If your car exceeds the number of products, the power supply will play an automatic power-off protection function when starting the car, plug in the charger and reactivate it to use it normally.

7: when the car is fed and there is no electricity at all, clamp the car power clip directly on the positive and negative poles of the car to start. If the car is powered, remove the positive poles, clamp the clip on the ground iron and the negative clip on the negative pole. Can be started.

8: when starting the car for the first time, you need to put off the electricity in the product, plug in the charger to charge it, and then start the car.



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5. NOT include a receipt or an invoice.

6. If you need customization any LOGO or Other,please leave a message to us.(above 50PCS)

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20000Ma Car Jump Starter 600A Car Battery Booster Charger 12V Starting Device Petrol Diesel Car Starter Buster

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