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1Set Pickit3 Programmer + Pic Icd2 Pickit 2 Pickit 3 Pickit 3.5 Programming Adapter Universal Programmer Seat

1Set Pickit3 Programmer + Pic Icd2 Pickit 2 Pickit 3 Pickit 3.5 Programming Adapter Universal Programmer Seat

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PICkit3 is a development tool designed by Microchip for beginners to learn, evaluate and develop PIC series MCUs, integrating online simulation and downloading.
PIC series single-chip microcomputer is connected with PICkit3 through ICSP interface

Supported software:
Directly support Microchip's official IDE (integrated development environment software) MPLAB

Supported devices:
Support all PIC series microcontrollers with ICSP interface
Open the software, configure->select device PICKIT3 with a green light in front of it to indicate support.

8-bit Devices-PIC10F/12F/16F

8-bit Devices-PIC18F
16-bit Devices
  dsPIC30F/33F, PIC24F/H
32-bit Devices
Programming function: Can burn and write FLASH ROM, EEPROM, etc.
Simulation function: supports various debugging methods such as full-speed running, single-step debugging, and breakpoint debugging.
Simulation performance: using USB interface for simulation debugging, single step debugging, breakpoint debugging, fast response speed!
Programming performance: using USB interface for ICSP download, fast download speed!
Use USB interface to connect to PC

PICkit3 development tool has built-in driver to realize high-speed USB communication.
Connection interface with target board

ICSP standard interface specified by PICkit3.
Firmware can be upgraded

In the future, Microchip will introduce more PIC models, and will also add new device models to the ICSP device support list. When you need to use the latest models in future development, upgrade kit3, and upgrade firmware programs, you will be able to support the new Model!

The upgrade method is automatic upgrade, and Microchip will provide an upgrade program.

Tool description:
The PICkit 3 programmer/debugger is a simple low-cost online debugger controlled by a PC running MPLAB IDE (v8.20 or higher) software on a Windows® platform.
PICkit3 can program and debug almost all series of PIC FLASH microcontroller chips such as Microchip's PIC10/12/16/18/24/32, dsPIC30/dsPIC33, etc. And PICkit3 can program Microchip's KEELOQ HCS series chips, MCP250xx CAN series chips, and EEPROM memory chips.
Compared with PICkit2, PICkit3 has the advantages of stable simulation, more supported models, and faster speed. It can stably support PIC16 PIC18 PIC24 DSPIC series MCU simulation and download.
Since the ICSP interface of PIC has only one row of 6PIN connectors, when connecting PICkit3 to the PIC target board, you need to pay attention to the left and right direction of the connection. Do not insert it backwards to avoid burning the PICkit3 downloader.

Status of PICkit3's LED indicator

The indicators have the following meanings:
Green, it lights up when it is powered on or connected to the target board.
Blue, it lights when the PICkit 3 has established communication with the PC or sending/receiving commands.
Green, lights up when the debugger is working normally (standby).
Yellow, lights up when the operation is busy.
Red, lights up when the debugger fails.


1Set Pickit3 Programmer + Pic Icd2 Pickit 2 Pickit 3 Pickit 3.5 Programming Adapter Universal Programmer Seat

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